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11 Sep 2019

At Hush, we like to keep our finger on the digital pulse. Yes, we stay up-to-date with algorithm changes from our good friends at Google and the ins and outs from WordPress. But sometimes it is good to have a look at what is happening in the broader digital landscape.

As a little bit of a self-obsessed Apple geek, our Digital Marketing Manager, Chris, sat down to watch the hardware unveiling last night.

Apple Arcade

One for the gamers, Apple Arcade, was actually announced back in March. The subscription model for Apple is in full effect (more to follow). For as little as $5 a month, gamers can access a tonne of games from leading developers such as Konami, Capcom and Annapurna Interactive. The new arcade platform will be available across Apple mobile, desktop and TV devices. When console games can cost in the region of £50 this new platform is perfect for gamers who are looking at a cost-effective gaming solution or for parents who are looking for a distraction for the kids.

Apple TV+

Another subscription service (told you there was more to follow), that we knew was coming, but didn’t know any release dates or more importantly – any costs. Well, the service is coming on 1st November and will cost $5 a month. The service will also come with a month’s free trial, or if you purchase an Apple product, you will get a full year for free. The streaming market is very saturated at the moment and will only get busier when Disney+ launches (although the HushBots are gutted that the UK is missing out on a 2019 launch). The proof will be in the pudding. Quality content will be essential. We don’t know if Apple has joined the streaming market too late, could the low-cost point attract people away from Netflix? Time will tell.

New iPads

A little bit of a head-scratcher. It only seems like we got a new iPad model a few months ago. The new iPad model comes with a new 100% recycled aluminium body and has a larger, 10.2-inch retina screen. Here’s another baffling addition to the “new” iPad model, it comes with the older A10 Fusion chip. Three years isn’t a long time, but in hardware three years is. That is how old at A10 chip is. It powered the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The new 2019 iPad has been courted as an iPad aimed at the education sector and is bolstered with an Apple keyboard.

Apple Watch

Midway through the presentation, we were treated to a preview of the new Apple watch. Apple’s key focus for the watch is all based around healthy living and monitoring. A major sticking point with some of the watch features was highlighted by the quote “this app is perfect for paddleboarding”. Apple does sometimes slip into the belief that everyone has these full-on, OTT, extreme lives and at the top of our list is an app for paddleboarding. The new watch does come with some great safety features such as international emergency calling and fall detection built-in. Similar to the new iPad models, the new Apple Watch is made from a new 100% recycled aluminium body.

iPhone 11

Apple’s latest iPhone model, the 11, appeals to the “budget” market more than the next iteration. At $699, the iPhone 11 is still a significant investment even as a budget model, but when compared to the X and XR, the cost point is attractive. The new iPhone 11 comes packed with an A13 chip, it is the fastest CPU ever in a smartphone. For those who love taking pictures with their iPhone’s, the new iPhone 11 comes with a dual-camera system with wide and ultrawide options. It also comes in six colour options.

iPhone 11 Pro

The pièce de résistance. Apple announced its first Pro iPhone model, and it does not disappoint, although it seems that Apple is playing catch up with Samsung and Huawei. The new camera system is flawless, the video that Apple showcased was fully recorded using an iPhone 11 Pro and looked stunning. The opportunities for content creators is endless utilising the new model. The new iPhone comes with a new image processing method called Deep Fusion. Basically, to get the best possible picture, the iPhone takes nine pictures in different exposures and pixel by pixel, combines the pictures to produce the best, superior image. For you guys who love a selfie or two, the new camera comes with a new feature for slow-mo selfies, dubbed “slowfies”. While a nice feature to have, it could end up as a feature similar to the Memoji!

Was Chris bowled over by the Apple announcements?

“Unfortunately, no” our Apple geek added, “I’ve been watching the Apple releases for years and years, and every year I lose a little bit of excitement around the releases. I am more interested in the software updates and will be keeping my eyes peeled come 30th September for the iOS and iPadOS releases.”

Chris finished his review, “Apple needs to revert back to being innovators. I remember 10 years ago getting excited about what Apple was about to release and would be waiting with bated breath to pre-order the new iPhone. These days, I will only get a new iPhone when I actually need one. Am I getting old? Probably, but with the right product, I would be ready to invest in a new iPhone again.”

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