Boost Your Reach On Facebook!

13 Oct 2017

Trying to get people to see the content that you publish on Facebook can be difficult without the help of Facebook paid ads. But if you’re a small time business with little to no marketing budget, you might need a few how-to tips on how to boost your reach on Facebook without spending a penny. So, here’s a few quick and easy tips to help you do just that.

Know your audience

As a business, you should know that targeting your products or services towards the right audience is key to a business’ online success. But do you know what type of content is the best to push on the world’s largest social media platform?

Things like making sure you keep your content relevant to your company, and your goals goes without saying, but knowing when to push that content is essential. Knowing what time of day is most likely to bring you a larger reach, or what type of content is received the best by your audience, is vital as these factors help determine if you’ll receive a little or a lot of audience engagement.

Facebook’s page insight tool is a gift to all businesses, and what’s more? It’s totally free! Insights allow you to monitor when it’s best to publish content, by looking at; when your audience is online and most likely to see your content, what sort of content receives the most engagement, where in the world your audience is coming from, and so on. It’s as simple as that.

Make it personal.

What’s better than creating customers in a business, is to create a community and turn your profile into a central hub for customer queries and conversations about your brand. Sharing the little things like staff birthdays or new members joining your team can be an easy ticket to get people to like and share your content without a lot of effort, and can easily result in your post (and then your page) being seen by hundreds of people.

Responding to Facebook messages and comments (regardless of their content) is another great way that helps keep your audience engaged. Just make sure to experiment with your content, have fun with it and do what works for you to keep people engaged.

Create share-worthy content.

Facebook for business can sometimes feel like a one-way funnel with promotional content constantly going in but never much engagement coming out. But with so much content going in from so many different places, it can make it harder to grab your audience’s attention. The best thing to do in this situation is to get a feel for what content gets your audience engaged, so have a play.

Once you have some idea to the type of content your audience likes, one like, share or comment will lead to three likes, shares and comments, and once a post generates some engagement, it will begin to spread quickly and will soon have been seen by hundreds to thousands of people.

Keep an eye on your competitors.

Monitor what your competitors and similar big name brands are doing. They will probably be doing the same to you. Now, that’s not telling you to do exactly what they are doing. What they’re doing might not even be working for them.

Facebook insights makes this easy and gives you a list of pages to keep an eye on, depending on your businesses industry category and location. Take note of what does and doesn’t work and integrate this into your own social strategy while still putting your own spin on it.

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