Building Successful Email Campaigns

27 Jul 2020

Email marketing has been around ever since email became part of our day to day life. Gone are the days that you get leaflets of any worth through the post that will actually convert to sales.

Digital is where it is at. How else can you send a quick communication directly to your target market or segmented audience in seconds? Email marketing should be part and parcel of your digital marketing utility belt. It should still be part of your overall strategy.

How do you build a good email campaign?

Build Good Lists

To maximise ROI, it is great to have a robust set of quality lists. If you have an internal CRM, this is your first port of call. Once you’ve made sure that your database if GDPR compliant and your contacts are happy to be contacted, it’s now time to start segmenting them further. Building different lists with different users will help you engage with the right people with the right message. Do you have lapsed customers? Put them in a list on their own and hit them up with messages to reengage them as a customer. Have you got an upsell opportunity? Look at the people who have already purchased from you. Hit them with an associated product to get another purchase from them.

If you don’t have a list or need to start building one. Look to your current site as a method of data capture. Make sure you have newsletter sign-up pages sign pointed throughout your website. Maybe look to give something away for a sign-up, a white paper, ebook or coupon.

Don’t forget, whenever you record peoples data to make sure you’ve got clear content to tell your sign-up what they are signing up for and how their data will be used.

Good Output

The saying goes, the proof is in the pudding! The same goes for your emails. Like SEO, content is king. Make sure your emails have beautiful rich content, including images. If you need to link off to your website, make sure you have useful landing pages that will aid conversion. Don’t forget to track conversion rates, you’ll need to have a play around with Google Tag Manager, adding actionable goals to your call to actions.

When To Send

Unlike social media posts which now engage with users depending on individual trends, email marketing can actually be sent out at a specific time so choose wisely. Depending on your audience, timing is vital. Does that majority of your customer base work a regular 9-5? If they do, will they have their phone available during the day? Probably not. However, is your audience list a B2B list? Then your customers will most likely be at their desks during the day. For each list type, you might have different send times and diverse content for the time of the day – people might be more inclined to purchase from an email while sitting on the sofa after work, not while they are running around on their lunch break.


Learning from past campaigns can help you shape the next. Take notice of your platforms reporting data and monitor any stats for the campaign within Google Analytics. This will help you develop a robust email strategy and also help you further grow your landing pages and conversion actions.

Follow Up

Don’t send one email and think your job is done. Any decent platform will have the ability to send a new email to people who have either not opened your email or not converted. Don’t just leave people thinking one email will suffice. Make sure you follow those leads with another email.

Email marketing can be daunting; however, the team at Hush are here to help. Drop us an email to see how we can help you increase your ROI with a few clicks!

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