Top Tips For Creating A Killer Content Plan

13 Jul 2020

Digital marketing is a fast-paced environment and developing new content every day is what can help gain you more engagement, followers and leads.

With all marketing strategies, planning is critical. If you are always one step behind, continually playing catch up with your surroundings, you’re never going to get on the front foot with new content.

They’re plenty of planning platforms out there, specifically tailored to different outputs. You’ve got social planners, blog planners, case study planners, video planners, you name it, there will be a planner for it.

It can become overwhelming, especially if your brand requires a steady flow of engaging content.

It’s not a hard job to plan ahead, with a little bit of time, you could have yourself a full plan ready for the year ahead.

Want some tips? Let’s have a look!

Set Some Content Goals

What do you want your content to do? Do you want to inform the visitor to help sway them towards a purchase? Are you looking to show off your credentials in the market place? Or, are you just wanting to get good quality, fresh, new content on your website to grow and keep your organic rankings? Knowing your overall goals will help you plan out how you will get there. It is pointless planning out loads of ideas if they’re not going to help achieve your goals.

Set Some Conversions

Once you know what you want your content to achieve, you should really look into setting up some conversion actions and goals. Do you need people buying a product? Well, you’ll need some traceability from the original source to see how well your content is working for you organically. Do you need to gather data? Positioning clear contact forms on your landing pages will help you scoop up the data. Without understanding how well your content is working for you, you’ll never make any changes to your output. To engage with a broader audience, you’ll always need to evolve and change the way you do things. Knowing how well your content converts will help you make these changes.

Track Your Keywords

Even with a little bit of knowledge of SEO and best practices, you’ll know what you want to track your website based upon a set of keywords. What you want to work out is the best keywords for your brand and build your content plan around these keywords. Have a look at the search volume and the competition as this will help you shape what content you’ll get out over the next year to achieve your required keyword goals. If your keywords are highly competitive, it means you’ve got some hard work ahead of you. Still, without knowing what your market is like on the major search engines, you’ll never really get off the ground.

Don’t Forget Social

Getting fresh, new content on your site is excellent for SEO. If done correctly, you’ll see an increase in rankings with a hopeful increase in traffic and conversions. But let’s not forget about social media. Social content is an ever-evolving and growing platform with more and more creators looking to social media to promote their brands. If you’ve got a fantastic blog post ready to publish, have a little think – could this also work as a vlog? In one go you’re getting double bubble with one bit of content tailored for two different channels. Remember, video content is excellent for engaging with users on social platforms.

Optimise With Some PPC

Are you publishing killer content alongside a product promotion, event or launch? Why not give it a little boost with some targetted PPC spend to help get you over the line? With full conversion tracking set up, you’ll be able to see how well your output is doing from a pounds and pence view.

Longterm planning can be tough, especially in a fast-paced environment. The HushBots are best placed to help you take full advantage of your content with an integrated digital marketing planning and implementation service.

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