Why A Little Bit Of Knowledge Is Dangerous 

7 Oct 2019

We’ve all heard the phrase “a little bit of knowledge is dangerous”. It is applied to every walk to life and digital isn’t an exception.

At Hush Digital, we work with an eclectic range of clients. From leading engineering and manufacturing companies to local authorities, schools and colleges, to online retail giants.

What we are trying to say is, we work with a wide range of different businesses, who have different goals and targets. These organisations employ the best of the best to run their respective departments, and they all have the required skills and knowledge to do so.

However, especially in digital, sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous. Especially when you are working with websites and algorithms. You wouldn’t let any random person fix the brakes on your car just because they can drive. Why should you leave your digital marketing and website to someone who only uses social media and “surfs the net”? This is why we feel that leaving the digital to the experts is always the best option. Why? Let’s find out.

Cause Irreparable Damage

Getting the best results for your website can, in some cases, be a tricky task – that’s why people hire us! It can be frustrating at times. You can work really hard, generating new and fresh content but don’t actually see results you want.

With things like SEO, time plays a massive factor, you are playing the long game. There are no shortcuts, no go direct to go and collect $200. Some people will look at trying to take a shortcut to get short term gains, which is very dangerous. Keyword stuffing and other naughty blackhat tactics which will affect your rankings and traffic even further. You might think that you are on the road to success, but thinking that you can get to the top of the search engines this way is a recipe for disaster. What you might not realise is you have done real damage to your online presence, damage that you will never recover from.

We’ve had clients come to us in the past, and we’ve literally had to start from scratch. New website, new hosting, new domain – the old site has a black mark against it and will never gain the top rankings it deserves. With a little bit of patience and hard work, the team at Hush can work with you to develop a clear digital strategy that will help you achieve your long term goals.

Cost You Money

Making uninformed decisions about your website and digital marketing can cost you in the long run. That car we mentioned before that needed the brakes fixing, now we are about to refill with fuel and have put unleaded in instead of diesel. Take PPC, for example. With a basic understanding of things like CPC and CPA, keyword identifiers, and using the recommendations tab from Google, you can indeed set up a very basic Google Ads campaign. Once your campaign starts to ramp up activity it can be very dangerous just to leave things running in the background and think the hard work is done. PPC needs constant attention and Google are bringing out new features all the time, features which will help you grow your business.

Focus On The Wrong Thing

There are plenty of website and digital marketing tools out there. These tools can help you rank a whole raft of information and goals. We’ll be honest, we use a few bespoke systems here at Hush to get the best from our clients’ websites. However, we use the best systems available to track specific things. We know exactly what we are looking for, how to interpret the data and more importantly, come up with solutions to further boost rankings and traffic. What some of these systems can do, however, is highlight the wrong thing to look at which can be very dangerous when you have limited time. Then you are looking at your website data, you need to understand what you are looking at. You also need to factor your business type into the data. If you are a seasonal business and you have highs and lows at different times of the year, of course, your business activity and website activity will follow. What we are trying to say, is sometimes people can hear a buzz word in digital, “my bounce rate is really high” and the like. However, understanding why this is happening is far more important than reporting on it happening.

Damage Your Brand

It is hard to believe that in a few clicks, irreparable damage can be done to your brand. Sometimes doing what you think is right actually isn’t. Do you want to be the brand which ended up getting blacklisted on Google? Probably not. It is always best to work with an agency who have the skills and experience in delivering digital strategies and website projects daily. It is our bread and butter, we do this every day and have built up our skills in digital. We aim to help grow your brand in collaboration with you so that your brand develops in the correct, organic manner and not in a way that will cause devastating damage to your online presence.

The team at Hush Digital are always here to help, so if you have an upcoming project that you would like to discuss with the team, don’t hesitate to get in touch today