Email Marketing: Dead, Or Very Much Alive?

31 Aug 2017

In this day and age, businesses have so many different ways to reach their customers, so it is just normal for some to begin to wonder, can email marketing still benefit your business?

In short: email marketing is here to stay!

When it comes to email marketing, many clients see the strategy as old and overused and think that a better alternative would be to focus more on social media engagement. While this is also a good strategy (that the Hush team can also help you with), email marketing allows for so much more control. This article is going to explain that email marketing is a tool that is far from losing life in the digital marketing world and is continually evolving to include new features that make email an essential to attracting and retaining customers, for any business.

Email in 2017

Email marketing is just five years away from being half a century old. However, with that being said we are still seeing new changes happening to the email marketing strategy every year, and 2017 is no exception.
In the digital marketing sector, email marketing is always finding better and smarter ways to stay at the top of its game and is still the number one tool for businesses to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Why is it still going strong?

Email marketing works simply because it allows businesses to make communicating with their customers personal, providing a direct route to your subscribers’ inbox and eliminates any feeling of interacting with a robot. So it’s not surprising to say that an email works best when it’s personalised to suit the interests of the recipients.

Email Marketing Automation

With new strategies like email marketing automation being released, this only allows for ever more personalisation options and powerful automation choices that enable you to talk to your customers just like you would face-to-face.
You should already be using merge tags to include contact names in your emails and subject lines, that’s a standard feature of any system. But along with these features, there are many others that you should be including in your marketing strategy to help you build your brand further.

Social media integration

Some email marketing tools include the ability to promote your business and grow your audience with personalised Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns, that can help you receive more engagements and an increase in conversions.

Set specific time zone delivery

If you are a company that has customers or clients in different time zones but still want to gain the maximum amount of engagement from all of your subscribers, you can set your email campaigns to send at different times to best suit your subscribers and when will be most likely for them to engage.

RSS Feed

Probably one of the most helpful and used tools so far in 2017 is the use of an RSS feed feature. For those that don’t know an RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format that is used to deliver regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites or web-based blogs, bunch their new content together as an RSS feed for those who want it.

An RSS is a solution to the issue of companies struggling to keep their new and loyal customers engaged in their content. It allows you to easily keep your customers and clients informed by putting together all of the latest content that they might be interested in. The number of sites offering RSS feeds is growing rapidly and includes big names like Yahoo News.

With the help of the HushBots, you can create the perfect email automation for a wide variety of situations, from welcoming new subscribers, to promoting your products or services to keeping your customers informed about all of the latest news and updates.

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