Full Screen Instagram Feeds On The Way

25 May 2022

There are more changes coming to Instagram very soon, with the introduction of full-screen video content in your feed. 

Another major move by the Meta owned platform to catch up to the innovations and success that TikTok has encountered since its launch will now see full-screen videos display on a user feed. This new way of displaying video content will offer a new immersive experience for users, removing the need for additional clicks to open new video content up.

Instagram Full Screen

Needless to say, video content, whether it be reels, stories or short videos, is winning people over all over the world with video content on Instagram and Facebook making up 50% of the time users spend on the Meta owned platforms.

50% doesn’t seem enough for Meta and they are now testing these full-screen video posts before a full rollout.

Meta isn’t the only company looking to improve its TikTok styled videos. Google is now pushing more and more into YouTube Shorts, with recent news outlining how shopping ads will run directly into a Short video. Regardless of your platform, full-screen, TikTok type videos are here to stay.

Alongside these changes to full-screen video changes, you might also have noticed that Instagram desktop has started to display content bigger than a traditional square space. Things are definitely in a period of change at Instagram – with more of a focus on original content at the forefront and new ways of displaying content to users.

The only downside of this change? You might find the dimensions of some of the images/covers you display on your feed might change, messing up your feed a little bit. But with a little TLC and planning, you should be able to avoid these issues.

If you would like to discuss your Instagram profile or are looking to get some new video content created for your feed, drop us a message today!

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