Goodbye TweetDeck, Hello XPro

1 Sep 2023

First it was goodbye to Twitter and hello to X and now TweetDeck has officially become a paid service. This means that for users who enjoyed the customisable columns, they will now require a Blue subscription for access to the benefits of XPro. 

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has been promising to make the third-party app TweetDeck a paid service since 3rd July 2023. Now users of TweetDeck will find a sales page for XPro appearing when they try to load the platform.

Owner of X, Elon Musk, is trying to make the subscription to XPro seem more appealing with the addition of longer post capabilities, ad revenue sharing, formatting, and higher rankings in conversation and search.

Switching from free accessibility to a paid subscription is all part of a broader strategy to entice users with enhanced features.

Question is, do you think a subscription to XPro is worth it for the famous blue checkmark?

Before it was renamed to XPro, TweetDeck was known for its abilities to support multiple accounts and multiple custom feeds. This made it a powerful tool for the likes of marketers, journalists and others that found themselves needing to use Twitter daily for a job.

While it does make some sense to now charge for the ‘Pro’ service, it is mildly annoying  having to pay for an extremely useful tool that was previously free. 

This move closely aligns with X’s recent actions of apparent slow-downs of various media sites linked to X, as well as competitor platforms like Meta’s Facebook, Instagram and Threads.

To escalate the tension between Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg responded to this with a 🤔 emoji. However, this isn’t the first time X has tried to limit access to rival platforms. 

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