Google Consent Mode V2: Have You Been Hit?

15 Mar 2024

Last week, Google announced significant updates to its policies regarding how websites manage customer data and their use in ad personalisation, along with the handling of consent signals. This development holds substantial implications for businesses and advertisers across the globe, particularly those operating within the European Economic Area (EEA).

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Implications for Your Business

For entities running Google Ads directly or through agencies, there is now an imperative to ensure the collection of consent for the use of personal data from EEA-based users. This step is crucial to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of measurement, ad personalisation, and remarketing strategies. The same requirement extends to those utilising Google Analytics data in conjunction with any Google service. Failure to comply with these new guidelines will result in the loss of key advertising capabilities, such as remarketing ads and certain bid strategy features.

Steps to Ensure Compliance

So, what does this mean for businesses and how should they respond? To fully leverage the capabilities of data personalisation for advertising purposes, it’s essential to implement a recognised Consent Management Platform (CMP). Additionally, websites must undergo specific modifications to ensure the correct collection and sharing of consent signals with Google.

How Hush Digital Can Help

At Hush Digital, we understand the potential complexities and challenges these changes may present. For our clients with ongoing support or digital marketing retainers, we’ve proactively addressed these requirements. Our team has implemented the necessary CMPs and conducted thorough testing to ensure compliance, meaning our clients can continue their operations without interruption.

However, for businesses not currently under a retainer with Hush Digital, we offer a seamless solution to navigate these updates. We can integrate a Google-recognised CMP onto your website at an annual cost of £90+VAT. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive service to implement the requisite website modifications and perform consent mode testing for a one-time fee of £180+VAT.

Take Action Now

Taking prompt action is vital to ensure your digital advertising strategies remain effective and compliant. If you’re looking to adapt to these changes and safeguard your advertising capabilities, please reach out to [email protected]. Our team at Hush Digital is ready to assist and ensure your digital presence aligns with the latest regulations, helping you continue to reach your target audience effectively.

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