How Social Media Rebuilt Marketing & Advertising

12 Aug 2022

In the world of marketing and advertising, we have seen social media evolve from being a popular way to connect with friends and family all over the world to a marketing tool that influences behaviour, trends and cultural positioning for both individuals and companies.

Social media is everything in the world of marketing right now. The days when agencies needed to plan out expensive, full-day photoshoots and buy placement in a magazine to sell a product are gradually disappearing.

The marketing and advertising industry has evolved rapidly; the consumer is now the driving force behind a product or service. There is no need to try and forecast consumer trends months in advance and produce marketing think-tanks to appeal to customers. 

Has social media actually rebuilt marketing and advertising? Yes, it has and here’s how…

Consumers have moved on

Once a pastime to reach out to friends and family and connect with new people, social media is now being used for so much more. So if consumers are using it, then marketing and advertising agencies definitely need to be.

Users who are active on social media have opportunities to purchase products from various platforms, whether preloved items on Facebook Marketplace or unique pieces from an Instagram boutique.

Aside from these purchasing platforms, there is much advertising space available to market products and services. With everyone being on their phone so much these days, it’s the perfect way to target your ideal customer.

Consumer spending has moved online

Unsurprisingly, the Covid-19 pandemic had a huge impact on spending habits amongst consumers, and now it might have changed the way we shop permanently. 

As well as increased online spending, consumers have forced a shift in brand loyalty. More people than ever are trying different shopping methods and exploring brands they’ve never heard of or shopped with before. 

Social media has changed campaign content 

In the years before Facebook and Insta, advertising used catchy jingles on television and radio, brand characters were created, and pictures of celebrities were paraded across magazines and catalogues. 

Traditionally consumers were in the spectator seat, and the function of advertising was to sell to the passive consumer. However, with advancements in social media, consumers are now more than just an onlooker of a brand.

Brands are striving to build customer trust by partnering with people who used to be considered the consumer. The aim of these partnerships is to create engaging, relatable content using the likes of TikTok videos and Instagram Reels to advertise products.

Content is more accessible 

Social media has made it easier than ever to instantly find out more about hobbies, interests and products at our fingertips. 

It has allowed more people than ever to share their voices and opinions with a much wider audience. Before social media, news and information came from television, radio, magazines and newspapers, and it was decided who could be seen and heard. 

Now anyone with a social media account can send out information, and one message can be sent to thousands of people with just a click. For marketing agencies to get the word out about a new product, is highly beneficial. 

Social media encourages real-time engagement

These days it is essential for businesses to create a social media presence and develop a strategy to respond to customers in a timely manner. To improve real-time engagement, human interaction lends itself to trust and brand loyalty. 

After all, if a consumer doesn’t feel a meaningful connection to a brand beyond a purchase, they may feel like switching to a competitor. With instant accessibility, research trends suggest social media users expect a response to their enquiries or comments within 24 hours. 

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