What’s it like being an apprentice?

19 Sep 2017

“A fantastic ‘starter role’ with opportunity for real career progression, this position involves interacting with clients as well as working closely with the Hush team, with key services including Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Mailing Campaigns and Pay Per Click Management.”

That’s what the ad said, and sitting here writing this, 8 months into my apprenticeship with Hush, I can happily say I’m doing everything the ad promised, and then some.

Who am I?

I’m Scott, and I am an apprentice in the Hush Digital’s Digital Marketing team, and now 8 months into my 12 month Level 3 Diploma in Digital Marketing. My job is very mixed and involves a bit of everything, from blog and content writing to managing Google keyword rankings, allowing me to work with lots of different people in a variety of industries. I was also given the chance to incorporate graphics design (something I love doing) into my job role, thanks to the flexibility and freedom that I received when I joined Hush and have since seemed to become the go-to-graphics-designer for the Digital Marketing team!

Why did I become an apprentice?

I’d taken a Media: Communication and Production and IT A-Level in college, and knew that learning while earning a wage was a better option for me than going to university and leaving in debt. It was also at college where I was introduced to the digital marketing and graphic design world, which made me want to jump straight into doing what I wanted in the real world, rather than spending 2/3 years in University before getting the chance.

What’s the best part about being an apprentice?

Hands down, the best part about being an apprentice is being able to learn what I love and experience the real world while earning a qualification and a wage at the same time. That’s much better than ready from a textbook and attending countless lectures if you ask me.

I also got a feel for what it’s like in a workplace, which helped me boost my confidence and communication skills when liaising with clients in a professional business environment.

Is it what I expected?

No. I thought it would be like those offices you see on TV where people work in silence, and the only thing I would hear is the printer constantly on the go and phones ringing all of the time. Hell, I arrived on my first day in a shirt and tie and even dusted off my smart shoes, just to find everyone in jeans and trainers with Radio 1 playing in the background then pulling out the smart attire for meetings!

Basically: it’s 10 times better than what I expected, with the most friendly and approachable team of people, who help make the place so much more comfortable to work.

Do I think my apprenticeship will help me in the future?

Doing this apprenticeship over the past 8 months has helped me to gain and develop a lot of my skills and has helped me realise where my strengths and weaknesses are. I have no doubt that the skills I’ve already gained (along with the ones I’m still developing) will help me get to where I want to be in the future!

What do I want to do after my apprenticeship has finished?

I’m hoping to secure a full-time position within the digital marketing team at Hush once I have completed my apprenticeship so that I can continue to grow my knowledge of the digital world and to work with the team that has helped me develop to where I am so far. I’d like to continue focusing the majority of my work on the graphic design element of digital, as this is where my passion really lies. Who knows where this qualification might take me!

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