Our Process.

There’s method in the madness. Find out how we approach all of our web design, software and app projects.

The Hush Web Design Process

Whether your main focus is a new web design project, a bespoke system development or a shiny new app build, our team all follow an interactive and structured process that we have outlined for you below.

Walking through the process with you, step-by-step, ensures that you are kept updated at all times and fully involved with each phase before we proceed to the next step, so we know without any doubt that you will be over the moon with the end product that we deliver.

So, let’s get started!


We strongly believe that the best way to understand your vision for your new website is to sit down with you and work through every aspect one by one, discussing the main design concepts for the website, the website features and capabilities you need it to achieve, and our recommendations to make your website as successful as it can possibly be.

We want to get to know your business, services, goals, target customers – everything! –  to help us build a tailored strategy to give every element of your project clear focus. We also like to review your current digital activities in order to gain insight into what is currently successful and what is lacking.

We like to work through all these elements with you so that we can nail down the details of your project, to ensure everything is singing from the same song sheet to create maximum impact and return on your investment.

You may not have considered a brand refresh or an ongoing SEO campaign, but these additional services may be crucial for maximising the success of your project and could be overlooked without this early attention to detail.


For all design projects – whether it’s web design, brand development, software design or app design – the design team will work with the latest design software to produce industry-leading wireframe concepts and fully-fledged mock designs for every project we release into the online atmosphere.  

We begin all projects with user-journey  mapping and wireframe concept creation so we can cover all bases and cater for all user requirements. This is the most interactive phase of our projects as it is when we will need the most input from your viewpoint, as well as our expert guidance and ideas.

With ‘mobile first’ being so fundamental for most of our customer’s users these days, we always map our mobile and tablet designs first, swiftly followed by desktop designs, to ensure that every element of the responsive visual is as desired. We wait until you are 100% happy with every user-journey and wireframe concept before we move onto the more realistic mock up designs, minimising the need for complex changes in the next, more advanced stage.


During the mock design phase, you will see the grayscale wireframe concepts come to life with your branding, colour schemes and even some dummy text and imagery, giving you a much better feel for what the end result will look like.

We present all of our mock designs in interactive software, allowing you to engage with the designs how a user would, linking from key page to key page, as per our agreed user-journeys.

Of course, we allow for plenty of revisions, lots of feedback and regular design meetings, and we won’t move onto the development phase before we’ve received confirmation from you that you are completely happy with every element of your project’s design.


Now that we have every single design aspect of your website, software or app project signed off and approved, we can get down to the nitty-gritty and begin the real development work.

This is where our team of uber-talented web developers will work through each requirement of your new website, software system or app step by step, to provide a brilliant and flawless solution each time.

We begin with conversion, which is essentially transforming your static mocks into code (HTML and CSS to be precise!) which gives you a more life-like feel of what they will look like within a web browser. We will even send you an early demo link once your conversion is complete so you can have a sneaky peek and clearly see the progress we’ve made, and how far is left to go.

We then move into full build, where our team of expert developers create the back-end of your new website, software system or app, crafted to the highest of standards and tailored to your very own unique requirements. Our project management software also allows us to keep you up to date with our project progress, and allows you to feedback through to the studio constantly.


You’ve been waiting in anticipation for this day: the first glimpse of your new website or app in its (almost) full glory, or what we like to call the launch of your demo website!

You’ve seen and approved all of the design work, watched us craft your powerful back-end admin system, and have been kept up to date the whole time through meetings and our client portal – but now you get to SEE your functional demo website!

Once we’ve launched your demo, we gather any final tweaks and changes you need as we carry out both internal testing and client testing. This is to firstly ensure that all the technical requirements of the website, software or app are met, spot and fix any niggles and bugs, and also ensure that you are fully happy with your new website before launching and setting it live into the big world wide web.


Well, this phase is pretty self-explanatory. It’s our policy and part of all projects to provide you with training so that you can navigate your way around the admin section of your shiny new website, system or app with confidence.

We will invite up to 4 of your website managers over for one of our delicious coffees, crack open a packet of biscuits (usually biscoff), and sit down with you to teach you the ins-and-outs of your new Content Management System (CMS) at length.

With all testing, training, and any necessary amendments complete, and with your approval, we will flick the switch and welcome you into the digital world, releasing your fresh new website from our Hush HQ!


We don’t just cut the cord there. Oh no, we’re not done with you just yet!

Once your web design project is completed and your new bespoke website is live, it’s natural for there to be follow up questions and new ideas.

We’re on hand with excellent customer service and a support system that you can find within your client portal that tracks your queries to ensure a timely, in-depth response from the most appropriately equipped person to guide and assist you.

We also offer tailored support packages for each of our clients that depend on the size of your website and support requirements, which are most definitely recommended since this offers you a priority service, with a quicker response and turnaround time, and essential CMS and plugin checks and updates!

Real VIP treatment, you know. Only the best for our lovely customers.


We also realise that for some customers, a beautiful web design and powerful back-end system is wonderful, but it can’t just be left there.

That’s why we offer a wide range of tailored digital marketing services that will boost your web presence following the launch of your shiny new website, to increase your search engine visibility and boost traffic visiting your site.

Our packages range from traffic-boosting Search Engine Optimisation, to service-promoting Social Media Management, to enquiry-driving Pay Per Click and much more.

Visit our Digital Marketing services page to find out more about making sure you get a return on your web design investment.

Do you want to do digital differently? We can’t wait to find out more. Get in touch and let’s take your digital presence to another level.