Abingdon Simply Test.

A brand new eCommerce website for Abingdon Simply Test to present a new B2C and B2B human health testing brand and the range of testing products available.



Abingdon Simply Test strives to give everyone a better understanding of their personal health and wellbeing by using simple-to-use self tests at home. Feel empowered and informed with self testing, or simply value the ability to receive results privately.

Take control and get quick results at your convenience, then seek medical advice or make changes to your lifestyle where appropriate to ensure your health is always a priority.

Abingdon Simply Test


With no existing web presence for this new consumer focused brand, a new website with a world-class design to set it apart from the competition was required for Abingdon Simply Test.

The new brand needed to be the trusted go-to for professional self testing, with credible content that highlights the benefits and a clear focus on ‘the why’. A clean but contemporary design was needed to immediately showcase the product range and engage a user via demonstrative imagery, eye-catching illustrations and informative content.

Abingdon simply test


The design and development team at Hush crafted a responsive and engaging website to provide information about the range of human health testing products available, with a key focus on building trust and highlighting key benefits. 

With powerful eCommerce features, striking and interactive photography, bespoke iconography, and informative content we designed a new website to appeal to key target markets and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Using the intuitive WordPress Content Management System (CMS), we designed a completely bespoke website with the ‘Lateral Flow Tests For All’ brand incorporated throughout. Continuous Call To Action prompts fill eye-catching positions promoting the ‘why’, key benefits and encouraging users to make a purchase.

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Abingdon Simply Test
Abingdon Simply Test

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