Key Fitness Academy.

A slick online fitness portal for Key Fitness Academy to allow users to subscribe to access programmes, videos, challenges, recipes and much more!

Key Fitness Academy


Key Fitness Academy was born from Key Fitness Studio, a renowned personal training and sport therapist studio based in the North East and ran by owner, Steven Hipkiss.

Having established a successful physical presence offering private personal training, group training and sports therapy, the client realised they needed to provide an online element of their business, and so Key Fitness Academy was created.

Key Fitness Academy is an online personal training portal that users can subscribe to to access programmes, videos, challenges, recipes and much more, allowing subscribers to get in shape and stay in shape, working around their busy schedules, wherever they may be.

Key Fitness Academy


Key Fitness Studio knew that they needed to take their services online for users who wanted to get into shape and stay in shape, but didn’t have the time to get to the Studio on a regular basis.

After deciding a digital solution was the way forward, Key Fitness approached Hush with the requirement to create a bespoke, online personal training portal that customers could subscribe to on a monthly basis to access an abundance of tips and tools to help them on their fitness journey.

The portal required a simple front-end website to provide information about the online personal training platform and encourage users to sign up. The portal itself needed various modules building and tailoring exactly to the requirements of the brief in order to cater for key categories

Key Fitness Academy
Key Fitness Academy
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The end result was a slick online training portal that allows subscribers to get healthier, happier, fitter and stronger – no supplements, detoxes and cleanses, just real tools that you can implement into your life straightaway!

Hush designed a sleek one-page website that allows a user to scroll through an introductory video and information, key benefits and subscription options for the portal, and the option to register and signup to either 1 months or 3 months directly from the website.

The portal was developed on the powerful WordPress platform, with a number of tailored modules to suit the exact needs of the brief. Once a user has signed up, the portal provides access to tips and tools that can be done in the gym or at home, online or offline, in the UK or around the globe, and will always be easily accessible from a customer’s pocket. Categories were carefully crafted to cater for a range of designed programmes, exercises videos, recipes, macros, hundreds of training tips, education, progress logs, calories calculator and so much more.

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Hush Digital | Web Development Darlington
Hush Digital | Web Design Darlington


“When you choose Hush Digital you know you’ve gone to the best, a creative professional team with innovative ideas, awesome customer service, who will always go above and beyond to give you what you are looking for. I wasn’t sure it was even possible but Hush Digital took my vision and put it perfectly online.”

Steven Hipkiss, Owner of Key Fitness

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