A stunning brochure site for one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of fibreglass masts and structures, Pollite.

Pollite | Portfolio | Web Design Darlington


Pollite is one of the largest manufacturers of fibreglass masts in Europe and has created an international presence which spans across Europe, Asia, USA, the Middle East and Australasia.

The company has been specialists in the creation of fibreglass as well as the design of frangible safety poles for over 50 years now, and are committed to nothing but the highest quality products for airfields across the globe. Known for its high quality products and services, Pollite required a new website to reflect the company’s products and services.

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Pollite | Portfolio | Web Design Darlington


The team at Pollite felt their previous website had become dated and so wanted to update the website’s visuals as well as the overall functionality. The focus was to create a website to feature a range of Pollite’s specialist products, technical drawings and interactive elements as well as provide more information about the organisation.

Pollite therefore required the development of a bespoke web design solution which would light the way and support the company’s continued growth whilst also guaranteeing future-proofing, an engaging aesthetic and a complete search engine and mobile friendly design. In addition, Pollite needed an easy-to-use back-end management system that allowed staff to quickly and easily login and update the website’s content following launch.

Pollite | Portfolio | Web Design Darlington
Pollite | Portfolio | Web Design Darlington
Pollite | Portfolio | Web Design Darlington
Pollite | Portfolio | Web Design Darlington


The team at Hush created a fully bespoke website design, creating a clean and uncluttered visual with several stunning new page templates. The new design is supported and built on a WordPress CMS platform, providing Pollite full access and ability to add, change or remove various content elements or products when necessary.

The new website has a modern and slick aesthetic to it. Heavily driven by the use of images and other eye-catching elements, as well as various clear call-to-actions, the website was designed to be instantly intuitive and engaging for users and guide them through the website with ease.

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