A beautiful front-end redesign and website conversion for the market-leading distributor of kitchen and bedroom components PWS.

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Built upon their skilled craftsmanship and technical expertise, PWS is a market-leading distributor of kitchen and bedroom components that has been part of the industry for over 110 years. 

From opening their first family shop in 1909, they have been consistently bringing together the highest quality stock of products from the world’s leading manufacturers. As well as this, they have been providing a flexible service, bespoke design options, and excellent customer service all this time.

Over a century on and five family generations in, PWS HQ remains only a stone’s throw from their original shop and the team are proud to still be helping create family homes and forming lasting relationships with some of the most valued worldwide partners.

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PWS previously had a website that had become dated and was due an overhaul to improve front-end visuals and back-end functionality. 

In collaboration with PWS’ in-house technical team, the brief required the team at Hush to design the front-end of the website and convert it, while PWS developed the powerful back-end. 

The visualisation for the design was to replicate the high-end products available and display clear product organisation, as well as an improved navigation structure for users.

PWS | Portfolio | Hush Digital
PWS | Portfolio | Hush Digital
PWS | Portfolio | Hush Digital


As always, the Hush team pulled it out of the bag! We effectively delivered a sleek front-end redesign that invites users to shop for high-end kitchen and bedroom components smoothly and enjoyably. 

The design displays a clear navigation structure with simply titled menu items to achieve a completely user-friendly experience. 

Key features include an eye-catching and informative carousel to display new products and deals, interactive design videos and visuals for customers to discover on their website journey, and an insightful timeline to take visitors through the family history of PWS. 

This front-end design and conversion was seamlessly integrated with the client’s in-house built back-end system, to powerful cater for all of their bespoke product setup requirements.

Check out the end result!

PWS | Portfolio | Hush Digital
PWS | Portfolio | Hush Digital
PWS | Portfolio | Hush Digital


“Thank you very much for your help and hard work. We’ve had excellent feedback around the look and feel of the website internally and hope our customers enjoy it as much as we do.”

–  Beth Lines, Business Systems Analyst

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