Royal Northern Sinfonia.

A beautiful micro-site for the Royal Northern Sinfonia to showcase their Inside Story.

Royal Northern Sinfonia | Portfolio | Hush Digital


Royal Northern Sinfonia is a British chamber orchestra, founded in Newcastle upon Tyne and currently based at Sage Gateshead.

As the Orchestra currently resides at Sage Gateshead, they had various pages of information about RNS on the main Sage website, however they wanted their own Digital Guide to the Chamber Orchestra, in the form of a story website.

RNS wanted to deliver a website that would engage audiences, allowing visitors to delve into the world of music, concentrating deliberately on online content.

Royal Northern Sinfonia | Portfolio | Hush Digital
Royal Northern Sinfonia | Portfolio | Hush Digital


RNS Inside Story required a brand new, highly visual micro-site to essentially showcase the Royal Northern Sinfonia with a visual understanding of what an orchestra is.

The new website needed to demonstrate a beautiful visual journey, flowing between various content types representing The Music, The Musicians and The Experience. Each page needed to be simple but beautiful, incorporating image and film content into visual-focussed template designs.

The headline themes for the new microsite needed to be video content, written content of different styles and forms, audio content, photo content and interactive content. A user would be encouraged to Watch, Play, Read and Listen to truly experience the various elements of the Royal Northern Sinfonia.

Royal Northern Sinfonia | Portfolio | Hush Digital


The end result is a truly beautiful website that takes a user on a real visual journey, becoming truly immersed in the RNS Inside Story through the various content types available.

It is instantly engaging and incredibly user-friendly, encouraging a user to delve into the world of the Royal Northern Sinfonia to discover new perspectives, images and knowledge about the chamber orchestra.

The site focuses on large, eye-catching image/video content areas that showcases the RNS Inside Story, whilst incorporating short and long snippets of informative content. Striking visuals and beautiful styling take the user on an interactive journey as they explore the Music, Musicians and Experience. Hush also created key sections for a user to Watch films, Play on an interactive score, Read short and long content pieces filtered by theme and Listen to curated playlists.

A full screen design creates a clean and uncluttered visual, with interactive scrolling features and animated styling to create movement and dynamic elements wherever the users views. The site provides a focussed user-flow throughout, linking content together like an organigram. It is also fully responsive to function fluidly on mobiles, tablets and other hand-held devices.


Hush also integrated a powerful content management system for the new micro-site, allowing the website management team to easily manage and maintain content as new pieces are created. All of this was delivered in record time, to allow RNS to have their Inside Story site up and running in time for Christmas.


Everyone at Hush has been so helpful in creating an absolutely fantastic special project website for us. We’re delighted with the website and can’t speak more highly of the team who all bent over backwards to meet the brief.

– Esme Flounders, Marketing and Communications Director – Sage Gateshead

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