Wynyard Park.

A collaborative project with Resolution to create a brand-new, engaging website to support the full marketing refresh for Wynyard Park.

Wynyard Park | Portfolio | Hush Digital


Formed in 2005, Wynyard Park is a private, luxury estate set amongst peaceful countryside and secluded woodland.

The exclusive living space comprises a collection of unique family homes built to the highest standards while still considering the environment.

The initial vision was to create one of the largest privately-owned mixed-use developments in the country. Over the years, Wynyard park has developed into an exclusive community that combines luxury new homes with health, recreational, and business facilities. 

The estate features beautiful self-builds to striking executive homes, with the opportunity to completely custom build along the way.

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Wynyard Park | Portfolio | Hush Digital
Wynyard Park | Portfolio | Hush Digital


Prior to the project, the client had a website but it was several years old and in need of a refresh to fall in line with Resolution’s new marketing strategy.

This was essential to ensure all content outputs deliver the right message and feel for the client.

Therefore, Wynyard Park required a brand-new yet simple and engaging brochure website to showcase four main streams of information. It needed to attract people to the luxurious lifestyle, engage with residents for the latest news and happenings, demonstrate the contribution to the local economy through key statistics, and also the national status that Wynyard Park holds.

In order to achieve this, each section was to be carefully created with the target end user in mind with the appropriate calls to action in place.

Wynyard Park | Portfolio | Hush Digital


The Hush team, therefore, delivered a luxurious-looking website that represents what Wynyard Park is known for.

Throughout the numerous dynamic and interactive content areas the functionality of the website is also seamless. 

Following the brief, we created key areas for users to easily find the self-build plots and new build homes that are available. The case studies, stories, and personal experiences from current residents at Wynyard Park are also accessible.

The website is also completely future-proof, so it can further grow and develop in line with Wynyard Park, as new needs and requirements come to light in the future.

Check out the end result!

Wynyard Park | Portfolio | Hush Digital
Wynyard Park | Portfolio | Hush Digital
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