Rebranding: When and Why

23 Aug 2017

When was the last time you talked about (or even thought about) giving your company a re-brand? Rebranding has been a natural move that major businesses use to stay relevant and at the top of their game for years. Think back a few years ago to the rebrand of Google. The internet browsing giant ditched the classic, ‘times new roman-esque’ font, after almost 15 years with the design, and evolved along with the rest of the digital world by adding a simpler, cleaner and sleeker look to the company.

So, what is rebranding?

Every year, Hush Digital help numerous clients rebrand their company in a variety of ways. Commonly, clients turn to a rebrand by simply succumbing to the natural pressures of ageing on the internet, and the realisation that they lack the ability to meet customer standards in the way that they used to. In these instances, the idea of rebranding is approached in one of two ways: coming up with a new business concept, or modernising your current one.

Branding isn’t always a massive transformation; most are subtle changes that some consumers may not even notice, like a change of font on business cards or making company colours brighter. Now, this might not seem like a big deal, but even small indications of rebranding can be a sign to customers and even competitors that your company is committed to evolve and grow.

Is it time for your company to be considering a rebrand? Here are a few points to think about to help you decide.

You’re in dire need of an upgrade.

If you’re not overly eager to share your website link on social media and feel like your website should come with a disclaimer about having to be updated,  it’s probably time for a rebrand.

Outdated, boring, slow, unreliable, unsafe – if your online presence can be used to explain one of these words, give the Geobots a call and get in touch with our branding team!

You’re nothing special. (sorry!)

We hope we don’t sound rude, but if you don’t stand out from your competitors online, then your chances of meeting your online goals are abysmal. Branding and standing out from the crowd online is all about competitive differentiation and that special ‘X factor’ (or shall we call it the ‘G factor’ in this instance!?). If you feel like you’re trapped in a space of competitive sameness, why not branch out a little?

Re-establishing and assessing your unique selling points along with technical factors like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) can make your brand exponentially more visible to customers searching for your products or services.

Your business has outgrown your brand.

One of the more fortunate issues a company would rather have when it comes to business changes, is growing out of your existing brand. If you’re setting up a big business expansion or are planning for sudden or unexpected gains in the near future, you should definitely consider a rebrand to take full advantage of this change, and leave your old brand behind.

For example, one company who have faced this issue in the past is Apple. Before 2001, Apple were known for providing great desktop computers, but had a challenge coming with the release of the first iPod.

When releasing the product Apple had to make themselves more approachable to a younger audience. So, the company went through a slight rebranding and as a result, they were named ‘brand of the year’ in 2001.

Whether it’s staring you in the face or not, signs that it’s time to rebrand can be hidden in every aspect of your online presence, but the first sign is often wondering yourself if a rebrand is necessary!

So, what are you waiting for? If it’s to enquire about a rebrand or just to ask if you need one, make the right decision by reaching out to the HushBots, and with the amount of measurable benefits that come with rebranding, your investment is likely to pay off many times over.

Get in touch with our Digital Marketing team or pop in for a coffee! Call 01325 361 729, drop us a line at [email protected] or visit at our portfolio page and take a look at the many clients we have worked with over the years, from branding to web design to digital marketing services.