SEO Mistakes to Avoid

5 Nov 2018

You’ve got an amazing website (hopefully built by the HushBots!) and you are now wanting to climb to the top of the highest of mountains, the top page of Google! Not an easy feat in today’s highly competitive digital market.

In the busy, hustle and bustle that is SEO, sometimes you can do wrong by thinking you are doing right. How do you avoid damaging your organic search rankings? Here are a few things to avoid!

Ignoring Your Google Business Listing

This is a textbook, first point of call for growing your visitors and helps grow your importance when people search for “near me”. Remember, SEO works around relevancy as well as keywords. How relevant is your Google listing? Very!

Leaving Page Titles and Meta Descriptions Blank

How many of you have access to your page titles and meta descriptions? Probably everyone. Spending a little bit of time to optimise your page titles and descriptions can help your overall SEO.

Waiting Too Long Between SEO Audits

If you are giving your SEO the attention it deserves you will want to know how well your efforts are doing. Make sure you work with your website provider to get regular audits. A good audit (like the one from Hush) will give you an SEO score out of 100 and some areas to improve on. If you’ve not got the time to work through the improvements, the HushBots can work through them as part of an SEO Booster!

Embedding Content in Images

Banners and blocks are a great way of splitting up content and sections on websites. But what isn’t great is uploading the banner image with the message flattened on to the graphic. You’re basically burying the lead! You’ll want the content in the banner to work for you when it is read by search algorithms.

Forgetting About Content

It is pretty much the most well-known phrase in SEO, “content is king”. Adding fresh, relevant content to your website is not only a great way to engage with your audience, but it is a great way to introduce keyword-rich content for search algorithms to read too!

Cramming Keywords into a Page

When we write content for clients, we write with the audience in mind. That is why we ask about the target market, the tone and context. Writing content for your audience first and for search algorithms second is paramount. Why? Well, it helps you avoid cramming in as many keywords as possible. Yes, you want keyword-rich content, but it also needs to be relevant and suitable for your visitors.

Don’t Do It Once and Never Again

SEO is a constantly changing animal. What you learn this week will have changed next month. You need to be on top of your SEO Strategy every day, 365 days a year.

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