Big branding ideas, brave concepts and brilliant execution to make your brand appropriate, impactful and memorable.

We Consider It All

A brand is so much more than the logo and visual element that your customers are presented with at face value.

Your brand is everything from the way you answer the phone to your website, social media and the customer experience you offer. There are so many ingredients to cooking up the perfect brand, and it is important that you get each and every one of them right.

The Basics

Your logo is the face of your business and appears everywhere. From your website, social media and marketing literature, to your products, company vehicles and stores.

Whether you’re setting up a totally new business and need some creative inspiration or your branding is looking a bit dated and in need of a revamp – we can help. At Hush, we combine our knowledge, expertise and creativity with your sketches and ideas to bring your vision to life. We then provide you with a digital version of your logo so you can take it away and spread the word about your amazing new brand.

Your Digital Shop Window

Think of your website as your shop window on the web. If you were walking down the high street would you want to walk into a shabby, worn down shop?

Whether your customers shop online, in-store or visit your offices, the principle remains the same throughout. If you want to look professional and trustworthy, then you’ll need an up-to-date website that keeps your brand tight and provides excellent user experience throughout.

Getting Social

Ever considered social media brand management? Social media is a crucial component needed to establish the perfect brand as it allows you to promote trust and build a community whilst being another means of communication for your customers.

Hush can be as hands-on as you want us to be when it comes to social. We can manage your entire socialsphere from branded banners, logos and graphics, to content creation and even interacting with your customers. If your social media could do with a revamp, or you don’t have time to provide your customers with the attention they deserve, speak to our friendly Digital Marketing team.

Branding Packs

Our skills don’t just stop at digital. We can also provide branding for your printed marketing literature too, which includes everything from brochures, leaflets, business cards, magazines, exhibition stands and so much more.

Do you need help perfecting your brand and building your brand awareness? Let’s grab a collaborative coffee and see how we can help you grow.

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