Google Ads Management.

We offer Google Ads management in Darlington to help you set up an effective online marketing strategy and achieve the results you want for your business.

What Google Ads is

Google Ads is Google’s online advertising solution that allows you to create online ads to help you reach a wider network of people that are searching for the products or services that you offer.

Almost every time you see an ad for a business’ landing page or product rank as the first, second or third result on Google, it is likely due to a Google Ads campaign. 

A business pays to have an ad displayed to customers who search for relevant terms on Google Search. Once a monthly ad campaign is set up, you can put an ad-spend cap into place that Google will follow and choose target audiences globally or locally.

Stay competitive

For many businesses, using Google Ads to advertise has become necessary to stay competitive, rather than just a way to increase revenue and reach.

Over the years, an increasing number of businesses have begun to invest in Google Ads. Therefore, if your business lies in a competitive field you’ll want to make sure that your ads show on Google Search before anyone else’s.

Keywords are key

When you choose us to manage your Google Ads in the North East (or further afield!), we determine the keywords and phrases that best describe your products and services, as well as what people are actually searching for. 

Selecting high quality keywords that are relevant to your campaign will help you reach customers that are interested and match related ad sites. 

A rich list of keywords will help your business perform better for Google Ads and help you avoid higher prices. After all, poor keywords result in higher prices and lower ad position.

What it costs

The costs of advertising with Google can fluctuate depending on your niche, where ads are placed and many other factors. 

There is no set price for the cost per click on every keyword, so really it depends on how competitive your niche and how much other people are willing to pay to rank for these words. Hush can cater for a variety of budgets, and will always recommend the most effective strategy for your needs, so it’s always handy for us to know if you have a target figure in mind.

ROI from Google Ads can be huge if your online strategy is set up in the right way. That’s something we’re able to help with.

What we can do

If you are considering using an agency for Google Ads in Darlington, across the North East – or anywhere in the UK for that matter – we can offer you the best services to help you rank your pages. 

After many years of experience and expert knowledge, we have learned lots about Google Ads and PPC and would love to offer our services to help you better your business.

Before we start, we carry out extensive research to understand your current position, alongside your competitors. That way, we can review what is working and what isn’t. We gain a clear understanding of the keywords that relate to your business and put an action plan together based on this information.

We will then work with you to create an individual strategy for your business that strives to target your audience and key objectives. Then it’s time to set up ad groups, write ad copy and launch your campaigns with conversion tracking so we can optimise going forward.

Once the campaigns are launched we closely monitor the performance and make any necessary adjustments. From our Google Ads agency in Darlington you will receive a monthly report to give insight of how your customers are searching.

We’d love to have a chat with you about your long term goals and how Google Ads can work for your business.

If you’re interested in expanding upon your Google Ads management in Darlington (or even nationally!), get in touch and let’s get to work.

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