Fine-tuned for success. Part art and part science, SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimisation) is the hidden hand in online marketing.

SEO explained

For those unfamiliar with the subject, SEO can seem like a bit of a minefield – and rightly so!

With murmurs of pandas, penguins and hummingbirds bouncing around SEO forums, it’s bound to get confusing. What do all of these animal references mean? Surely they belong in the zoo instead of controlling how well my website performs, right?

To put it simply, search engine optimisation (or SEO for ease) refers to the practice of making sure your website is at the top of its game for ranking in search engine results and increasing your traffic by driving your target audience to your website.

We do SEO properly

Major search engines including the likes of Google, Bing and even Yahoo, regularly scan your website, so that when someone performs a web search, your site (hopefully) appears in the results pages.

Anyone searching for SEO soon discovers the phrases ‘black hat’ and ‘white hat.’ In a nutshell, they refer to deceptive and honest techniques used to achieve SEO results. Thankfully, we only ever use approved and honest methods to ensure the stability of your position in the SERPs, and we’ll never falsely imply your page is about Lady Gaga in an attempt to drive more traffic to it. Plus, our in-depth knowledge and experience assures a steady stream of visitors to your site at all times.

Month on month, the techniques that succeed in SEO change, and we are always developing our core SEO strategy to help optimise your website to perform to its full potential. We don’t believe in outdated methods of keyword jamming, low-quality link-building etc. We thrive on top quality content, technical excellence and a brilliant user experience.

Seeing the bigger picture

The concept of SEO can be difficult to grasp, but it’s better to be completely ignorant and leave it to the experts than go in all guns blazing with a little bit of knowledge and do it yourself, as that can cause serious damage.

It’s important to bear in mind that rankings are only a very minor stepping stone to achieving SEO success. It’s easy to focus solely on rankings, as many people believe that this is the best way to measure the success of an SEO campaign. At Hush, we focus strategies and campaigns on not only improving your rankings but driving relevant traffic to your website and boosting the awareness of your brand.

We do digital differently

All of our digital marketing strategies are tailored to our clients’ individual requirements and include a mixture of search engine optimisation and social media marketing. Since SEO and social media go hand in hand, it is vital to combine the two to boost your digital presence!

With SEO clients in Darlington, York and even further afield, we have a wealth of experience in creating and implementing local, national and even international digital marketing campaigns, so rest assured you can leave the progression of your website in the capable hands of our digital marketing team.

The collaborative approach

We like our clients to be involved in every step of the way, and we know that nobody knows your business better than you, so we always welcome new ideas for helping boost your business.

We’ll also educate you on SEO in the process – after all, you wouldn’t want to invest in something you don’t understand! And what’s more? You’ll receive in-depth monthly reports clearly showing the progression of your website, so you’re never kept in the dark.

Good things come to those who wait

A lot of initial enquiries as ‘can I just ‘do SEO’ once and rank at the top?’ and unfortunately this isn’t the case and it is very rarely quick fix.

This is a common question our digital marketing team get asked but the reality is that, as frustrating as it is, rankings can take weeks and even months of ongoing hard work and dedication to achieve. SEO requires a lot of time, effort, patience and most importantly – expertise!

At Hush we offer a variety of digital marketing services to help you bop to the Google top, drive more traffic to your website and get your brand ahead of your competitors. Speak to our digital marketing team about how we can help you create a digital strategy.

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