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Tweeting for business success and using the power of social media management to boost your brand.

Why social media is important

Some business owners still struggle to understand the importance of social media management for their business, because they can’t see the monetary value of it. The truth is, you’re seriously missing a trick if you lack a social presence. Although social media might not always be a direct money-maker, if managed properly, social media management can and will improve your ROI and website conversions.

There aren’t many businesses nowadays that don’t use social media, and often customers researching a company will look for their social media pages as a source of authenticity. It portrays your company as active, up-to-date, and if not ahead of the field, at least equal to the main players.

Engaging with your customers, direct

Social media is also a great tool for market research, as it is a platform for customers to express their opinions and concerns, straight from the horse’s mouth. This information can be used to improve your services or products.

Social media also goes hand in hand with SEO, as social signals play an integral role in ranking websites for a variety of reasons, including social link building and driving traffic to your website via social referral.

The tailored approach

At Hush, we like to think of social media as a tool for reaching out and having conversations with your audience, rather than just promoting and selling.

Ultimately, we approach social media simply. We aim to connect with people who are likely to have an interest in your company, either through their proximity to you, a clear interest that’s been expressed in your competitors, or they’re in your target demographic. Too often we see agencies simply driving follower counts up blindly, where anyone will do as they add a number to your follower list. We’re not interested in that.

All of our digital marketing strategies are completely tailored to our clients’ individual needs, and we often recommend a bespoke social media plan to help you make the most of your digital marketing and boost your online presence. We don’t offer bog-standard packages and price plans, because we know that social media requirements differ greatly from business to business.

The right platforms for you

Hush can offer social media management and support services for almost any platform or channel and can help you write engaging content, manage your brand interactions and create visual content including graphics and videos. The type of platforms you choose to help market your brand entirely depends on your target audience, as does the type of content you post.

We believe that the best way to engage your audience and create imaginative, exciting content is to work together. You’ve got the brains behind your business, and we’ve got the time and marketing expertise, so it makes perfect sense to join forces. We’ll happily welcome your ideas and turn them into social marketing genius!

Whether you already have social media setup, but simply don’t have the time or resources to manage it properly, or you’re completely starting from scratch and need our socially savvy team to take the reigns – we can create a plan for you!

Social media adverts

We know it can be difficult to rise above the noise of social media chatter, and sometimes it can feel like you’re struggling to get your unique voice heard. This can be particularly frustrating when you’re ploughing all of your time into a social media strategy and gaining very little from it. That’s where we come in.

Hush can create targeted adverts on a variety of platforms to complement your organic social media marketing. A targeted advertising strategy can help you reach a more specific audience, and achieve your objectives – whether that be to direct customers to your website, generate leads, increase your online following, or even increase attendance to your events, there is a social ad that will work for your business!

Time to get yourself heard and gear up your social media presence. Get in touch today and let’s talk about how social media can revolutionise your business.

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