Powerful software solutions, to ensure that your tailored web system is as unique as your requirements.

Software development, the Hush way

At Hush, we are continuously developing software solutions for client’s who have ideas that are slightly outside of the box.

Have you spent hours looking through off-the-shelf systems that tick some boxes but not others? Have you tried out something you thought was a perfect fit initially, but now that you’re using it on a daily basis, not so much? It sounds like our bespoke software development is just what you need.


One type of software development at Hush is our bespoke intranet developments. We’ve delivered countless intranets for clients across a broad range of sectors with varying requirements.

Every intranet development we have delivered for our clients has been precisely tailored to each organisation’s specific needs, with key features including document stores, employee directories, staff forums, newsrooms, activity feeds and more.

Booking Systems

Another popular type of software development is a bespoke booking system. We’ve delivered multiple booking systems for customers, with each solution varying greatly from the next.

With client sectors ranging from hotel and leisure, to motorsports, to engineering, each booking system is carefully crafted to suit the process desired, eliminating the need for thousands of spreadsheets and forms. Key features of our booking systems include availability calendars, payment gateway integration, automated notifications and reporting tools,

Recruitment Systems

We understand that for larger organisations, or companies that solely focus on the recruitment process, having a digitised recruitment system can streamline the process, reduce admin time and seamlessly maintain communications.

A bespoke recruitment system can also prove to be a much more cost-effective solution in the long-term, avoiding on-going expensive license fees. Key features of our bespoke recruitment system developments include jobs boards, candidate management, automated notifications to all parties of recruitment process, ad creation, reporting tools and much more.

Bidding Systems

Perhaps you run an auctioneers and you need your online auctioning process digitising to increase bidders and encourage higher sale prices? Or you’re an international outfit selling new or second-hand products to a super competitive audience?

Our bespoke bidding systems will allow you to set-up your own auctions in the precise way you need, set a specified time frame, provide bidder dashboards so your users are able to manage their own bidding processes, integrate reporting tools, integrate with your selected accounts system and anything else you may need.

And basically anything else

As our software development solutions are entirely bespoke and tailored to our clients’ specific requirements, the sky really is the limit when it comes to what we can do. The above systems are just a few examples of the software developments that we can deliver – we’ve also built everything from a national comparison website to tailored quote building software – and we really do enjoy a challenge.

Got a challenge for us to sink our teeth into? Drop us a line about your software development project. We cannot wait to make your dreams become reality.

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