Web Design; From Concept To Launch And Beyond!

28 Jun 2019

Regardless of the size of your organisation, whether you are a relatively new start-up with a few members of staff or a nationwide business who employs thousands of people, making sure that you can visualise your new web design and its features into a fully working system is paramount.

Some agencies are limited with regard to their service offering and that is perfectly fine, Hush wasn’t the same business it was five years ago, things develop at a different pace. So if you are looking for a web design agency in the North East who can deliver the whole package, you should look no further than the clever wizkids at Hush Digital.

We say that “we do digital differently”, but what does that really mean? Let’s find out.

Getting To Know You

Everyone we meet has different needs, their businesses are different and thus have very different goals and ideas when it comes to their websites. This is why the team at Hush take the time to get to know you, from the initial enquiry hitting our inbox, we research your company inside out.

They say that the devil is in the detail, that is why even before we meet with a client, we like to take a snapshot of their current online presence, run a mini-audit on their website and any social platforms they might have. It might sound a little intrusive, but we love to get to know our new customers inside and out. It gives us a better understanding of their brand and ethos, which helps us envisage their exact requirements and needs.

We find that this approach to web design and digital marketing really helps when we eventually sit down with our new prospective client to discuss their project, which brings us to…

Nice To Meet You

The majority of our wonderful clients started with just one meeting, in which we got together and really started to understand their individual needs further. As mentioned at the start of this blog, every client is different, this is why sitting down with our clients to work through there exact needs, face to face really helps.

Our Creative Director, Jonny can start to build up a creative thought process and design, while our tenacious Business Development Director, Rosie can start to build up an exact specification which will help create a proposal, tailored for each client. Our team of web experts will also have the chance to ask any questions in order to make sure our proposal meets each client’s specifications, leaving nothing to chance.

Meetings can take place at our clients’ location of choice, however, we always appreciate the chance to show off our amazing townhouse office in the heart of Darlington. We’ve even got the tastiest coffee in the area!

A Proposal

Once we have all the information from our client, Rosie will sit down with each member of the Hush team to work out each area of the proposal. Each member of the team have direct input into the proposal where needed, we make sure we have ticked every single box and have covered design, development and digital marketing. We like to give our clients every option available to them.

Web Design & Development

Once a proposal has been accepted, we do a little happy dance in the office and then Jonny and the design team will meet with the client to discuss their brand, design and gain some input on the industry and if there are any things to consider design wise. The design team will take this information away to design stunning mocks of the website and templates and feed these back directly to the client. At Hush, we don’t start to build a website until the client is 100% happy with the look and feel of the design. After all the design amends are made, the website will go into development with one of our amazing web developers.

Testing, Testing and more Testing

Once everything has been built, we start to put the website through its paces. We test every element of the website to make sure it holds up to our high-quality standards, we encourage the client to also test the website so that any possible issues are rectified quick and aren’t left to chance.

Digital Support

We find that the majority of our clients need some sort of digital marketing support in the lead up to their website launching and post-launch to help grow their new websites rankings and audience base. Prior to the launch date, our Digital Marketing Manager, Chris, will sit down with the client to work out a bespoke digital marketing strategy and content plan. The team will also start to track your keywords to identify your rankings on Google. We usually like to do this at least a good month or so prior to the launch of the website as it gives us plenty of time to start getting content ideas together and working on new innovative digital marketing methods for each client, meeting their individual needs.


After rigorous testing and only after the client is ready and happy to launch, we “push the button”. The developers work through a strict “preflight” checklist and make sure that every element of the site launch is handled with care and attention.

Post Launch Aftercare

A new website is brilliant when you have finally launched and the feedback is positive, all the hard work and effort you’ve put in had paid off. However, the hard work doesn’t stop there for the team at Hush. Post launch of savvy team of digital marketing gurus’ will be working with you to get the maximum from your website and building your rankings on all the major search engines. Just think of your new website as a brand new car, it isn’t going to move unless you feed it fuel and what is what our team do. We work with our clients to grow their search engine rankings, visitors, conversions and much, much more.

Similar to the brand new car, the team at Hush are also there to help with the general upkeep of your site, we don’t just push the site live and leave you to it. We understand that accidents happen and websites need some TLC overtime, that is why our support team are available to help with any and all technical issues that may occur.

Web Design Review

At Hush, we like to pride ourselves on being honest. We aren’t going to try to fleece you out of a new web design a year down the line. But we do like to catch up with our clients every now and again to review the website and to highlight any new features or developments that might be of interest.

If you’d like to do digital differently with Hush, contact the team today.

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