Websites For The Engineering and Manufacturing Sector

31 Jan 2017

Websites for the engineering and manufacturing sector vary hugely in their objectives, and it is vital that any web developer understands the ultimate aims and target audiences of the engineering and manufacturing client, before embarking on the redesign process.

The team at Hush are fortunate enough to have worked with a growing number of clients in the engineering and manufacturing sector, so we understand what these organisations need, and how these requirements can vary from business to business.

A Sleek & Educational Showcase Tool

Websites for the engineering and manufacturing sector aren’t always about generating loads of leads and enquiries, especially for global outfits. For these guys, it’s all about showcasing their services in full glory and making it instantly obvious to any user that lands on the website, exactly what it is they are offering.

This can be delivered by up-to-date and eye-catching visuals of factories, equipment and end-products, as well as a few more ‘out the box’ ideas such as the 3D Vehicle Fly-Through Graphic that we delivered for Nifco UK as part of their latest redesign project. It was essential that the new Nifco site educates visitors on the wide range of components that this global plastics manufacturer develops, and the fly-through video reveals examples of products from each commodity, as well as exactly where they fit within a demonstration car.

Engaging Required Skills

With the current skills shortage, it is also essential for a lot of websites for the engineering and manufacturing sector to act as a powerful recruitment tool to engage with upcoming talent looking to start a career in the engineering sector, or recruit established and experienced candidates looking to further their position within the industry.

Great features include easy-to-find ‘Careers’ pages with a live list of latest vacancies, and ‘About’ pages that showcase why the company is a great place to work, with featured case studies of happy employees thoroughly enjoying their working environment and future prospects. We actually went one step further with Nifco UK, delivering a completely bespoke solution to their recruitment and HR needs, building a custom system from the ground-up that streamlines their recruitment processes from initial advert right through to job offer and processing.

Driving Sales & Enquiries

On the other hand, for some engineering and manufacturing companies, their website is the core lead generation tool. It needs to act as both a source of expert information and a device for capturing enquiries. These projects need the user-journey to be carefully crafted to enable users to quickly and easily find the information that is most relevant to what they’re looking for, with informative content that scores brownie points with not only the website visitor, but the search engines too.

Imagery needs to be striking and showcase a combination of both the high-quality processes and machinery used as well as examples of the polished end-products. Websites for the engineering and manufacturing sector that need to generate enquiries also needs to continuously present calls to action to encourage their users to get in touch. A website Hush recently delivered for SSC Laser is a good example of this, with ‘Request Callback’, ‘View Our Offices’ and ‘Contact Us’ tabs laying prominently across the homepage banner, as well as a ‘Contact’ page complete with office locations, an easy-to-use contact form and details for key contacts across the business. This enquiry-generating website also features a manned live chat box, ready to capture enquiries or answer visitors’ questions, acting as both a lead generation and customer service tool to enhance the user-experience for a range of visitors.

Engineering and manufacturing websites that need to generate enquiries also hugely benefit from the application of ongoing, tailored digital marketing strategies that aim to continuously increase site traffic, improve keyword reach and rankings, and continuously analyse results to ensure the website is hitting conversion aims and performing better year on year.

Preparing For A Global Audience

It is also common for websites for the engineering and manufacturing sector to need to be internationalised for a global audience, so it is vital that a number of tailored features are seamlessly integrated to cater for this.

We worked alongside Darlington-based Whessoe (a subsidiary of Samsung C&T) to rebuild their previous website with a clean and corporate design that also needed to include a number of internationalised features. We integrated a simple, easy-to-use translation tool to enable a user to switch between languages, as well as a world map illustration within the homepage banner, which instantly reinforces Whessoe’s coverage and capabilities.

Another example of a manufacturing website that needed to cater for an international audience was lawnmower manufacturer, Allett Mowers. This site is ultimately used to showcase the wide range of lawnmower products available to two key target markets; homeowners and sports/professionals. Allett has a dealer network that spans the globe (hence the Global Dealer Locator map), so it is vital that international users are made to feel as welcome and at home as possible, so we integrated an automatic translation tool that switches between 8 different languages, including American English to cater for differing terminology.

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