What Does EOL Mean For Your Website Platform?

3 Jul 2023

If you’ve been noticing an “updates available” notification appearing in the back end of your website platform recently, this means that it is no longer going to be supported by the people who wrote the code before much longer.

When this happens, the team at Hush can step in and help to build you a brand new website on a trusted platform we know isn’t going anywhere, such as WordPress and Laravel

What is EOL?

If you don’t know what EOL (end-of-life) is, it basically means that the vendor or person who has been creating, supporting and marketing your website platform will cease to do so from a certain point onwards.

Generally, you will be provided with a timeframe from the EOL announcement to when it actually happens, to ensure you have ample opportunity to move your website to an alternative platform that will support it. 

Is there no support for the old version?

Typically, there is support for the old version of the website platform until the EOL date but anyone using the old version after this time will be on their own. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare for this eventuality and not end up left in the dark. 

How to mitigate the effects of EOL website platforms 

If your business has found itself with an EOL website platform, it’s important to know how to mitigate the effects and prepare for the future. 

Understand the data

Being up to speed with how your data flows between different platforms is crucial in making any decision that affects it, and an EOL platform most definitely does affect it.

Knowing how the data flows will help to give you a clear idea of what a new platform will need to do and whether there is an opportunity for deeper integration should you require it. 

Get support from the HushBots

With your current platform reaching EOL, there is now the opportunity for our team of HushBots to get on board and build you a brand new, healthy website on the reliable WordPress or Laravel platform. 

Get in touch and fill us in on what your business requires and we can decide which website platform best aligns with your needs. 

Start planning now

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to start planning straight away if you are aware your website platform is approaching EOL. It’s easy to see an EOL date approaching a couple of years from now and forget about it.

As a business owner, we understand that you are probably busy on the daily with many other things, however planning now means that you are not left scrambling later. A website platform has a huge impact on your business, so give it the importance it deserves!

If you’re looking to shift across from your EOL website platform and work with us to create a new website for your business, get in touch with the HushBots. We create beautiful yet functional websites that entice visitors. Get in touch with us.

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