Website Redesign. When’s It Time For One?

10 Aug 2019

When’s the right time for you to get a new website redesign?

No matter what stage of life your company is in, whether you’re in a relatively new and still growing business or a well-established business which has been established for decades, website redesigns are one of those things that can occur numerous times throughout the life of a business.

But, how are you supposed to know if/when your website’s time has come and it’s time for a redesign? Take a look at the below points which we’ve put together and see if any of them sound familiar.


Your website is your number one tool for maintaining and growing a successful online presence and standing out from your competitors. There’s no questioning that it’s something that you should be proud to have to represent you and your business. But if you’re not and you don’t get overly excited when sharing your URL with potential customers, this can be a major red flag and it’s time to have something to be excited about!

Its Age is Starting to Show

One of the main factors to take into consideration when it comes to figuring out if your website requires a bespoke web design makeover is time. If your website is starting to not only look but perform poorly compared to your competitor’s website which just had a redesign a few months ago, this is another good indicator.

Your website should stand out from the rest with a beautifully tailored-to-you web design, which makes your visitors think “professional” (rather than “ugh”). 

However, while it’s important to make sure your website still looks the part, it also needs to function seamlessly and intuitively. With a lot of advancements in technology, web design best practices and changes to how Google goes about ranking websites over the past few years alone, it’s best to get your site back up to date with today’s latest technology.

You Ask Yourself “Mobile Optimisation… What’s That?”

Mobile optimisation and making sure that your website is compatible for all devices has become so important in recent years that Google, the main “Simon Says” authority of the SEO world, recently begun determining its search result rankings on the mobile version of websites rather than the desktop version. 

If your website doesn’t employ responsiveness into its current design it might be time to have a website redesign which takes the mobile-first approach into consideration. Take a look at a previous blog to learn more about mobile-first.

Your Website’s User Experience Isn’t That Great

At the end of the day, your website is there to do one thing, make sure that your users and potential customers can find the information they are looking for when they need it, and find it with ease. If your UX is either outdated or generally quite poor and makes your website difficult to navigate or doesn’t provide your users with eye-catching or engaging content and website elements, this is another indicator that a redesign is due. Even what some might see as minor tweaks to the general UX of a website can be the difference between a good and bad user experience. 

So, with all of this being said a web redesign with user experience, mobile optimisation and good future-proofing at the forefront can be the best solution for you and your company and can be the key to helping you stand out from the competition. Hush Digital can provide you with all this and much more. With a team of web design and development specialists based in Darlington who are fully familiar with all the latest digital trends, we can look at your project from all angles!

Get in touch with the team at Hush if you’re interested in starting your website redesign project today. Just click the “start a project” button at the top of your screen or call us on 01325 361 729, and let’s do digital differently.