Common SEO Myths

18 Nov 2022

When it comes to digital marketing, we’re used to hearing generalisations about techniques and practices that are used in the industry, particularly about SEO services. 

At Hush Digital we offer SEO services to help take your Google rankings to the next level. However, often we find ourselves speaking with clients who have received poor service previously, which in turn leaves them with an education on SEO that is completely inaccurate or out of date.

We’re here to break the myths that are commonly associated with SEO and set the record straight because once you know exactly what it is and how best to implement the strategy, the results can be impressive for your business.

“SEO is a waste of time and money”

Just because SEO is specialist and sometimes difficult to understand, that doesn’t mean to say it’s a waste of time or money. In fact, once you have a clear understanding it’s the complete opposite. 

A sound understanding of search engine algorithms and the current factors affecting visibility are required for SEO to be effective in its performance and that’s when the help of a digital marketing agency with years of experience is invaluable. 

At Hush Digital we take the time to understand the nature of a client’s business and identify the unique selling points. Discussing aims and objectives before implementing an SEO strategy is essential to identify more granular search terms

SEO isn’t necessary 

SEO isn’t always necessary right at the beginning of your business journey. However, you will reach a point when growing your business where word of mouth referral and social sharing just isn’t enough anymore. Don’t forget, we live in a generation, where “Googling” things is now the common norm.

Discovering a brand new website without SEO is nearly impossible, especially when it comes to competing with your rivals offering the same products and services. Let’s face it, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack!

It’s just ‘keywords’

Still to this day, one of the most common myths relating to SEO is the misconception that you just have to load your website with keywords you want to be discovered for. 

Successful SEO must include a keyword strategy but must avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ because Google’s algorithm will penalise you for it. Google has the ability to identify whether your content has been written to suit the algorithm or has been written for a human user. While ranking for keywords is very important, don’t forget, Google just LOVES new content that is tied to your company, brand or services. So sometimes, it’s not about throwing a load of keywords at the wall and hoping they stick. Remember… Content is king! 

Read our blog post on Google’s ‘helpful content’ update here to find out more about the most recent algorithm changes.

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