Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads

23 Nov 2022

In case you were wondering what Google Ads are, they are a form of pay-per-click advertising that helps to drive qualified traffic, as well as your target audience, to your business. 

At Hush Digital we understand how ads can play a vital part in your digital marketing strategy, especially if you want to see results quickly.

If you are unsure how Google Ads can help the exposure of your business, the HushBots have put together a few reasons why you should be using Google Ads to improve your results and reach your target audience.

Increase leads and make conversions

Implementing an ads strategy into your digital marketing plan essentially puts you right in front of your target audience. This means your website traffic can increase, resulting in more phone calls and face-to-face visits. 

Social media is good for promoting your business but with Google Ads you are able to specifically target people who are looking for your products or services. They help your prospective customers find the answer to their questions, which can lead to leads and sales.

Deliver fast results

This strategy can provide you with quick and straightforward results and reports of your campaign. You will be able to monitor exactly how much you are spending as well as how many clicks you are receiving in your paid search campaign.

If you want to get results quickly, Google Ads is a faster method compared to SEO. Sometimes with SEO it can take a while to appear higher in the search results but Google Ads will have you as the first thing people see, if you’re willing to spend money to get there.

While SEO tactics are like running a marathon and true SEO takes time and skill, Google Ads like running a sprint. With a little bit of budget and a few ads, you can rank in top positions while you work on your SEO build up. 

Google Ads can cover many targeting purposes

With Google Ads you are able to create many different types of campaigns that have the ability to target users at different stages of their buying journey.

By using search ads you can target one ad to multiple pages about certain topics at the same time. You can also target audiences on who they are, their interests, what they have been researching and whether or not they have interacted with your ads or website.

If you need help planning and executing a successful digital marketing strategy, get in touch with the HushBots. We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to raising brand awareness, increasing engagement, and making conversions. Get in touch with us.