Improve User Experience with CSS Animation

19 Jun 2018

CSS Animation and video content for web design have been on a steady rise for years, and as us humans are such visually driven creatures, the impact of animation and video online has only increased.

Our eyes are designed to be drawn towards things that make us feel a certain way and then act upon this feeling, animation and video is the holy grail when trying to incite emotion from your website’s visitors. No matter the subject, our eyes are naturally drawn to bright and bold moving imagery and can help you stand out in a crowded market.

From colour changing buttons to looping video and GIFs, website animation is a design trend that can work in a wide range of industries in different ways and delight your visitors every time they visit your website.

So how do you incorporate these different forms of moving media into your website without the animation or video taking over? Here are three of the most common forms of animation that we see every day, that can make the biggest difference in your websites user experience.

The Hover Effect

One of the simplest animations (but most popular) is a hover effect or button animation. A hover animation occurs when something happens as the mouse moves over an interactive or important element on the screen, such as a button changing colour or growing in size.

The key to hover effects is to use them sparingly, but with consistency. If your buttons change from blue to red on hover on the homepage, follow this theme throughout your site. Had-Fab Ltd makes the most of unique button hover animations along with moving image boxes, content transitions and much more.

Add Eye-Catching Video

Background videos are a great warm welcome to any website and add excitement and movement to your site that will instantly grip your users’ attention and keep them there using this eye-catching stand-alone visual element.

The trick to any background video is to keep it short and sweet and easy to understand in the few seconds that it will play for before looping.

With the majority of the websites we design featuring a stunning welcome video on the home page our design and development team are more than capable of implementing your video into the welcome banner of your website.

Make Interacting Fun

Everybody loves when a website responds to a certain action on the site. Simple animations like the pop of a button after being pressed can make the most boring and normal of things seem fun to do.

The smallest of animations including anything from a little bit of a button push, pop or colour change can make the biggest difference between a fun user experience and a boring one. Animation can be one of the factors your users consider when it comes to revisiting your site in the future, it is well known that users will revisit websites that they find easy to use and like to use.

Have you got a project in mind that you’d like to feature some smooth professional CSS animations or video integration? We’re creating bespoke websites with, unique layouts and animations so get in touch with the team and we’d be more than happy to help.

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