Celebrate Social Media Day with Hush Digital!

29 Jun 2018

On Saturday we celebrate everything social media for World Social Media Day 2018. Now unless you have been living under a rock for the past 15 years you will have in one way or another used a social media platform in your day to day life. If you haven’t you will have at least heard the names Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

At Hush Digital we use social media every single day. We use it either to help our clients grow their brands or to share the most up-to-date Hush and industry news! But, we understand that some of you might be social media novices. With this in mind, we have a quick and handy guide for all things social media!


Pretty much the biggest platform in the world with over 2.20 billion monthly active users.



The photo sharing, Facebook-owned juggernaut has over 800 million monthly users.



Twitter has over 330 million users and is the third giant in the social media market.



The online pinboard app boasts over 200 million monthly users.



Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn offers a social media platform for business professionals to connect.


The team at Hush love working with our clients on their social media efforts. Whether it’s a combined approach to social media management or a fully bespoke service, Hush is perfectly placed to help you engage with your current and potential customers via social media.

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