Digital For The Construction Sector

19 Oct 2017

Hush has been creating engaging websites for a variety of businesses across an array of diverse industries and sectors for over twenty years. From engineering to construction, to education and hospitality – no two websites are the same and each one is designed with the client’s unique values, visions and aims in mind, to produce a visual masterpiece that will not only be a central place to provide their clients with everything they need to know about their business but will be an extension of their customer service and brand.

All too often we see large construction firms and organisations with poorly built websites that do not reflect the high quality of their brand. As a digital agency we are responsible for educating our clients on the latest web design trends, market research and SEO best practices, to ensure they are getting the most out of digital! After all, you wouldn’t have chaos on the building site, so why let your construction business down with a poorly built website?

Accommodating for your Audience

Of course, when fabricating a digital strategy for a construction business, it’s vital we carefully consider your target market. The digital requirements of a small local building company operating within a 15 to 20-mile radius and targeting a local market, are going vary significantly from a national all-purpose construction company, looking to partner with large property development firms. Therefore, it isn’t a case of a “one size fits all” website, but more a bespoke development catering for your audience and what they will be searching for.

Hush have had the pleasure of working with an array of clients across the construction sector, from local roofing companies to national highway construction agencies. An example of a client in need of a serious digital revamp was multifaceted North East construction company, Biker Group, to turn their previously outdated website into a stunning showcase site to demonstrate their diverse range of construction services and capabilities.

The construction sector’s reputation can sometimes be tainted by cowboy builders, so it’s important to portray the uttermost professionalism and trustworthiness through your website. In addition to the essential easy-to-use navigation and killer content, the visual elements are also an extremely important aspect of any construction business’ website, and this is something Biker Group demonstrates with engaging video content and animated banner sections.

Laying the foundations for SEO

The construction sector is a hugely overcrowded market where SEO is concerned, and with only ten unpaid slots on the first page of search results, the competition is higher than ever! That’s why when Hush design a website, we set the foundations for SEO at the very beginning, so all we have to do then is build a super search engine and user-friendly website around it. Optimising becomes a breeze when a website is built with the search engines in mind.

The finished masterpiece

A professional website can make even the smallest of businesses appear to be a market leader with a reasonably sized outfit. A successful construction website is often simplistic and clean cut, with navigation that clearly communicates the locations in which the company operates in and the services they provide from the moment the user lands on the website.

Don’t build yourself up for a fall

Having a search engine friendly website, however, isn’t quite enough to get the right kind of traffic flocking to your website. Could you imagine having a showhome with all of the information about your stunning new homes there in one place with expert customer service advisors on hand to answer any questions, but no visits because you didn’t give them directions? Well, that’s a bit like having a website without SEO.

Whether you’re targeting local homeowners or national property developers, a tailored SEO strategy will be crucial to your digital success. Our digital marketing team are armed with bags of experience and knowledge in the creation and integration of local, national and even international SEO strategies, and can help boost your search visibility and get your brand in front of a wider audience in your target locations.