‘Vamp’ Up Your SEO This Autumn

25 Oct 2017

With Halloween and Bonfire Night festivities at the start of Autumn and Christmas just around the corner, the final quarter is often one of the busiest times of the year for businesses in the retail and hospitality sectors. Often businesses will plan their Autumn marketing calendar weeks, if not months in advance to prepare for the busy season. With new season wardrobes in full swing and Christmas shoppers creeping out of the woodwork, online retailers need to be at the top of their marketing game with the best SEO solutions.

But Christmas isn’t the only thing on Brits’ minds this Autumn. Although Halloween was previously a very Americanised holiday, in recent years it has become popular in the UK and now people go to the extreme with decorations, costumes and special effects makeup. In 2016 Brits were set to spend a ‘terrorific’ £310 million on Halloween, up 5% from £295 million in 2015, and we predict those figures will increase even further this year!

But it’s not just retailers that can expect an influx in website traffic and sales this Halloween, as hospitality businesses such as bars, restaurants and venues will see a rise in bookings for spooky events. So we say if you’ve got it… Haunt it! Here’s how to vamp up your web presence this Halloween.

Spooktacular Social Media Ads

While organic social media posts are great for engaging and reaching your current followers, you have to rely on your customers to share your content in order to reach potential new followers. The beauty of social media ads is that you can choose your audience demographically. Social media ads are great for reaching a wider audience and boosting engagement. The types of ads you can choose can be totally tailored to your objectives. Want to increase attendance to your events? Sorted. Got a last minute promotion and don’t have time to build up a buzz through organic social? We’re on it!

The more visually engaging your social media content the better, so get creative with graphics, videos and GIFs! 

The HushBots love this time of year and always enjoy Autumn/Winter festivities and think it’s important that you have fun with it and get the team involved too! #SquadGhouls

Un-BOO-lievable SEO Results

SEO can seem like a bit of a long slog because it can take months to achieve results and rankings. It’s impossible to achieve results overnight, which is why SEO should be done all-year-round, not just seasonally. The hard work doesn’t stop once you’ve achieved first page results either, because maintaining results is just as tricky as achieving them! There’s always someone ready to knock you off the top spot so it’s crucial you keep adding fresh new content, building back links and keep on top of your onsite SEO.

Fangtastic PPC Strategy

Pay Per Click is great for gaining an instant presence and dominating the search results. In addition to your hard-earned organic rankings, you can ensure you appear right at the top of SERPS. And what’s more? You can totally control your ads; from how much you spend on them, to the audience you target and the length of time your ads run for.

The great thing about PPC is that Adwords allows you to choose ‘witch-ever’ ads are applicable to your business!

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads are product-based ads suitable for eCommerce sites. Great for catching the early bird Christmas shoppers and Halloween costume hunters, you can include a product image, price and product descriptions.

Search Advertising with SEO

Search Ads are the text ads that appear above and below organic search results. Search Ads are ideal for pretty much every industry but are particularly good for the leisure and hospitality sectors with deals, offers and promotions that are continuously changing.

You also have a number of call-to-action options to encourage potential customers to get in touch with your business or even book through your site. Search Ads can often give you better-qualified leads that organic search results because you can really tailor the text you use in your ads, and therefore make the ads more specific and relevant to the searcher’s query.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads are great for accessing someone who has already visited your site at a time that they are most likely to buy.

Display Advertising

Get your dynamic ads on large, well-known websites and display them against related content that your target market will be interested in!

Need Help With Your SEO?

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