Digital Marketing Analytics You Should Know For Your Business

10 Feb 2022

As the owner of a business, there is always a lot to keep track of. One of the moving pieces to be aware of is your digital marketing analytics.

Tracking the performance of marketing campaigns across your digital channels is vital. You should monitor metrics on your website, Instagram and Facebook, email newsletters, and any other digital outputs.  

The good thing about digital marketing metrics is that there is a lot to choose from and each tells a different story. Not only do these numbers help you track performance, but they are also a good indicator of what you might need to do differently or better to make conversions.

Studying your analytics can lead to increased sales, engagement, and growth in followers.

There is a lot of data to consider across the board and it is sometimes difficult to understand which metrics are most important to keep track of.

At Hush we’re experts in digital marketing, so to help you out we’ve broken down the essential digital marketing analytics you should be aware of, particularly across your website and social platforms, to ensure you are making the best decisions for your business. 

Website metrics

Number of visitors

The number of visitors reaching your website is essential to know. To improve traffic on your website you should make sure all your links work, write a clear call to action (CTA) on all of your content output, and consider advertising. 

For example, on your Instagram business profile, you should consider utilising the link sticker to direct your audience to your website to check out a new product or read a blog post.

How long the session lasts

Session duration calculates how long a user has spent looking on your website and specific pages. The more clicks a user makes on your website, the higher the session average will be. This means the people visiting your website are probably interested in your content.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate will tell you how many people have left your website or specific pages after discovering you via search engine results. This usually happens when a user discovers you don’t have what they want, so they will leave. 

A higher number of bounces can have a negative effect on your SEO rankings because Google may consider the content on your website not valuable enough. 

To improve your SEO rankings and combat bounce rates, write keyword-rich content for the “Blog” or “News” section of your website. 

Social media metrics


Basically, your social media reach is the number of unique people seeing your content. The higher the reach is, the more eyes that are landing on your posts.

To ensure you get the best reach opportunities, it is good to know the optimum times for posting. Finding out when your target audience is typically active on social media will help you to land on their feeds and get spotted.


The number of impressions is how many times your post shows up on a user’s timeline. For the best chance at appearing on a timeline, we advise posting content that is not time-sensitive. Memes and reels are particularly good for encouraging engagement and sharing.


Engagement can be broken down into further specific categories, including engagement rate percentage, account mentions, and also individual engagement metrics.

Individual engagement metrics are likes, comments, clicks, and shares for a single post. As an example, likes or shares add up but can vary between different types of posts. These metrics are great for showing you what type of content the audience best engages with. 

Your engagement rate percentage is calculated by totalling the number of likes, comments, and saves on a post and dividing it by your number of followers. If the rate is high this shows that your audience is interested and engaged with your content.

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