Digital Trends For 2020

17 Dec 2019

As 2019 draws to a close (something we really haven’t got used to saying at HushHQ), we like to take stock in what we have achieved this year, and we also want to look forward to the significant digital trends for 2020.

Social Media Stories

Social media stories have taken a life of their own ever since Snapchat took off a few years ago. Since then every platform out there has launched their own, very similar service. Instagram launched Instagram Stories, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Status, Facebook launched Messenger Day and Facebook Stories, and the list goes on and on. Stories are an excellent way for businesses to hype products uniquely. Due to stories having a limited lifetime, users keep their eyes peeled continuously in fear of missing out (FOMO). As stories develop and grow in the new decade, they will become an essential marketing tool to use when communicating with an engaged audience.

Push Notifications

Recent stats showed that 85% of online stores utilised some sort of push notification in 2019. This is mainly because at least twice as many customers sign up for a web/browser notification compared to a newsletter or email. When GDPR came into play last year, the waters surrounding email sign up and privacy have become murky at best. Combined with the time it takes for a user to open a newsletter (over 6 hours!), against an instant pop up in their browser, we can only imagine that news and update integrations will take centre stage in 2020.

Content Is Still King

If you’ve been in an update meeting with the Hush Marketing ‘Bots, you will have heard the phrase “content is king”. Well in 2020, content will remain king. Well-written, relevant content will only help your business grow in 2020. Google’s BERT update will further aid content marketing, aiding Google to understand better natural language utilised by people in their searches. Combined with the knowledge that content marketing can generate 3x more leads than other outbound marketing activities, while also costing 62% less, isn’t it time you utilised a strong content plan for 2020?

GoogleAds Smart Bidding

Over the past 20 years or so, GoogleAds has developed into the mass marketing tool that it is today. With higher competition from social media platforms and their own advertising services, now is the perfect time to utilise Google’s machine learning algorithms to your benefit. Google’s AI system can work with your click budget to make sure you are getting the maximum number of conversions or ROAS.

Chatbots and AI

With 80% of businesses wanting Chatbots in 2020, it is time to embrace AI technology as a critical part of your digital presence. In 2020 Chatbots will power 85% of customer service interactions. In a world of instant gratification, customers want quick responses from questions and queries. LiveChat is still an excellent way for you to have a personal, informal conversation with your customers, but will you be able to man your LiveChat 24/7? Chatbots are responsive, give answers in an instant, never get tired or frustrated with customers chats making them the perfect customer service solution for your business.

Website Security

We have been banging the HTTPS drum now for a few years. The majority of you have listened and have implemented and SSL for your website. For those of you who haven’t, it is time to catch up. When a user hits your website, they need to feel like they can trust your site and will make their minds up whether or not to stay on your site in seconds. If you are not a site they can trust, you will see an increase in bounce rates which in turn will affect your ranking with the SERPs when Google eventually catch on that people don’t stay on your site for long. Especially at a time when HTTPS is a Google ranking single, 2020 is definitely the time to get secure!

Video Strategy

Video content has dramatically changed over the past 2 years. The standard 16:9 type of videos that you find on Youtube still has a place. Yet, in recent times, “low-fi” smartphone produced video has started to revolutionise how we consume video content. Long-winded videos still have their place for storytelling, but if you are looking to peak customer interest in your brand, utilising your smartphone to get the message across is going to be as ever-popular in 2020. Content is king, well in 2020 video content will be Queen.

2020 is going to be another massive year for Hush, and we cannot wait to get cracking with loads of new website launches and digital marketing activities! If you would like to discuss any of the above upcoming digital trends, contact the team at Hush today! 

We hope that everyone has a fabulous New Year and we look forward to seeing or hearing from you in 2020!

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