The Death of Flash 
& How it Affects You

2 Dec 2019

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few years, you will have heard the news that Adobe Flash is on the way out.

Over the past few years, all the major web browsers have been pulling support for Flash in favour of HTML5. Adobe has gone on record and stated that full support for the Flash will eventually come to an end on December 31st 2020. Pretty much all the mainstream browsers including Chrome, Safari and Edge have all been blocking Flash for a while. However, in some cases, it can still be utilised. But at the end of 2020, it will be no more!

Why the change?

We’ll be honest with you, Flash isn’t or wasn’t the most secure product to start with. No sooner than an update had been released another exploit would be found, and another patch would be issued. Take into the fact that not everyone has the same set up in their office. Many of our clients have very secure IT systems, which don’t allow for manual updates, meaning Flash will be very out of date. Like the milk in the Hush fridge, when things go out of date, it’s not great! Out of date software and plugins leave websites and systems vulnerable to attacks and hacks.

With the introduction and universal acceptance of HTML5 as a standard for web design. Flash has become an outdated method of design, it’s like going from VHS to DVD to Digital, once the technology has been replaced, it is utilised event less!

Times have changed, especially for web design, and it is time we all caught up.

What does this mean?

Well, in the grand scheme of things, not a lot for the everyday website user. The majority of websites have caught up with today’s accepted standards, and Flash is no longer. However, we are not at all saying that there won’t be websites out there with Flash on them, because there will be. Either your browser won’t support the site or Flash won’t run.

Here’s the issue. Some of the older Hush websites that were built on Lemonstand (which is also no longer supported) require Flash to function. Elements of Lemonstand’s WYSIWYG editor need Flash to upload pictures, video and graphics. Unfortunately, once Flash is dead, these elements will be well and truly gone.

What’s the solution?

There is really only one solution. It is time for a new website. If your site is built on both Lemonstand (like double denim, very outdated) and Flash, it definitely is time to get a new website design and CMS. Built on the latest technology, is future proof and designed with the current standards in mind.

I like my current website…

We understand that you might like your existing website. Our expert team of designers and developers might be able to design you a new website with the same look and feel but with the added security of having a site designed to today’s standard. Remember, we always advise clients on a new website every 3-5 years, with that in mind, is it time for your website to get a lick of paint at the same time as getting rid of Flash?

December 2020 might feel like a long while off, but don’t forget the timescales involved when designing, developing and launching a new website. You don’t want to be contacting Hush next November wanting your new website. You want to have enough time to do it right, no corners cut, a new website ready for the death of Flash.

If you want to discuss your website and the options ahead of you, contact the team at Hush today.

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