Is Your Website Ready For Christmas?

1 Dec 2019

In the world of business, especially in retail, you need to make sure your Christmas promotion is in the bag, ready for the increase in traffic and sales. And with our average site turnaround time being approximately 8 weeks, we wanted to give you plenty of notice

It seems like every year we have a blog outlining our top tips for Christmas, and in true festive fashion, we have compiled our list for Christmas 2019.

What’s Your Christmas Strategy?

Obviously, working in sales, retail or e-commerce, you will be looking at increased sales or enquiries that will lead to sales. But how are you going to get there? Just because it is the festive period, it doesn’t automatically mean your output will increase by default. Hopefully, by now you will have planned out your sales goals, growth and targets. You will also have a “roadmap” detailing how you are going to get there. Your competition will have their plans in place, so you’d best get yours sorted pronto!

It’s All About The Christmas Look

Do you have a look or feel for your brand this Christmas? Do you want your website to convey your festive feel? With a little bit of website wizardly, we can give your site a Christmas overhaul for the lead up to the big day. The look and feel of your Christmas brand shouldn’t just end with your website. Why not add a Christmas themed email signature to your work emails for December? Following this look and feel, why not theme your social media posts throughout the month? Last year the team at Hush branded our entire Instagram output with a festive advent calendar, each post fit perfectly together like a jigsaw and told a story over the month. If this is something you think you could benefit from, contact the team today to discuss your ideas.

Offers, Discounts and Codes

Now we’re not saying that you discount your products and services on mass all the time, but make sure that your website is geared up for sales. If you are finding that certain products are struggling, why not add a discount code to it for a few days to help boost sales? What you need to do is make sure that your website can support these features. Speak to the team at Hush today to make sure that your website platform can support your festive sales push!

Ready For Boxing Day

For a lot of people, Boxing Day is a day of rest. You’ve eaten your body weight in Turkey and are comfortable on the sofa for the foreseeable. However, there will be hundreds of thousands of people hitting the sales. These days, the savvy Bank Holiday shopper doesn’t even have to leave their home to get the best deals. Christmas money needs to be spent as quickly as possible and depending on your market, you could see a considerable increase in traffic to your website with shoppers clamouring for your products. You need to make sure that not only are your products sufficiently stocked on your website and correctly discounted, but you also need to make sure that your site can handle to increase in traffic.

Is Your Website Good Enough?

The most honest of the options above, is your website good enough to manage with a big sales strategy on the lead up to Christmas? Many of us don’t have the end-user in mind when working on our own websites, but the end-user is the most important person to think about. Is your website easy to use and navigate? Can it handle more products being added to it, or is the process very long and challenging? Maybe it is the perfect time to maximise on the time of year and implement a brand new website.

Christmas is coming! Why don’t you speak to the team at Hush today to see how we can help maximise your yule-tide potential?

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