Prepare Your E-Commerce Website For Black Friday Weekend

12 Nov 2021

An exciting yet busy time for many e-commerce businesses, Black Friday weekend is a chance for your consumers to find the best deals they can and potentially make big purchases.

That’s why it’s important to ensure that your website is ready for the rush.

Due to the fact that many shops had to temporarily close last year due to Covid-19, a huge surge of retailers have introduced an e-commerce space for their products and online shopping is now more popular than ever.

Before the Christmas madness, many people like to plan in advance and lots of retailers know this. Therefore, they have started offering unmissable deals even as early as the beginning of November. Here’s how you can get ahead of the game with your e-commerce website.

Optimise your website for mobile

Having the best products out there is pointless unless your website is user-friendly for mobile devices and provides a seamless shopping experience for customers.

You should ensure that your website’s search function operates efficiently, buttons are click-friendly, CTA’s are displayed clearly, intrusive pop-ups are kept to a minimum, and that your website generally is responsive in its design.

Test the server capacity

A retailer’s worst nightmare is having their website crash during Black Friday weekend. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your website has the ability to handle increased traffic.

Checking your website hosting plan to see how it performs is essential too because the slower the host server is, the slower your website is going to be.

Check the website loading speed

The longer a customer has to wait around for products and pages to load, the less likely they are to stay on your website and make a purchase, that’s a fact.

Google’s PageSpeed Insights can analyse the content on your website and, if necessary, generate suggestions to improve its speed.

Plan your content

Whether it be blog posts or your social media strategy, these creative elements hold hands with your website to create a top-notch Black Friday marketing campaign for your e-commerce business.

You may want to consider a new website banner for the homepage, paid Google Ads, social media assets, and some brand spanking new photography to get your products spotted.

Support your customers

Quite often, throughout Black Friday weekend, customers have questions. If you are able to accommodate a live chat function on your website or a customer service help desk this will eradicate any customer frustrations and improve satisfaction.

As a result, this will make the customer feel happy with their experience and be more likely to shop on your website again.

Ensure your SEO strategy is clear

SEO is a really effective way of putting your website out there for people who are looking for Black Friday deals. Ensure you are interspersing Black Friday-related keywords into your page titles, alt-text, and URL’s to ensure your website gets picked up by search engines.

Even if you are using product-specific keywords for your business, you’ll still need to include Black Friday-related words as well to help them rank organically.

By implementing a good SEO strategy, you are not only enticing new customers, but you are also making it easier for them to return to you.

Create some amazing offers

Standing out from the crowd and holding the attention of your target customers long enough to make a purchase can be difficult during Black Friday weekend.

That’s because there are so many other competitors throwing promotions and offers at them as well.

However, you can still show customers that your brand offers something unique compared to your competitors with some decision-making. Consider the value of the promotion you’ll be offering customers and how it will serve both new and returning customers?

If you’re looking for a fabulous new e-commerce website or need help planning a genius marketing strategy, get in touch with the HushBots. We create beautiful yet functional websites that entice visitors and keep them coming back. Get in touch with us.