Five Twitter Business Mistakes To Avoid!

7 May 2016

If you’ve just set up your business Twitter page, you may feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark looking for ways to engage your audience and get your tweets seen. It can be quite hard to rise above the social noise, and all too often Twitter newbies spend hours making pointless posts and getting nowhere. This blog post covers five Twitter business mistakes that too many businesses make when using the Twitter social network, and how to avoid making them!

Mistake 1 – No engagement.

Some businesses like to ‘talk’ at people on Twitter, but not to engage in conversation! Consistently sharing links does work for some, but probably is a wasted opportunity. If you are looking to increase favourites, retweets and be included on ‘Follow Friday’ #FF shout-outs, you should look at communicating with your followers.

Mistake 2 – Not knowing when the ideal time is to tweet.

When you send a Tweet, it might not be the ideal time for your target market to read it. Even worse, some of your followers might not see the tweet. It is definitely worth investigating when you should be tweeting to maximise the reach of your tweets.

Mistake 3 – Not utilising advanced features.

Twitter’s search facilities have vastly improved over the years. Hashtags have risen in popularity and now an integral part of  Plus you can create or follow lists. If your business isn’t utilising any of these features, you could struggle to identify opportunities, properly engage with your connections (influencers) and potentially be seen by a wider audience.

Mistake 4 – Spending too much time on Twitter!

Some businesses, especially small businesses focus too much on Twitter at the expense of working on their other online activities, such as their website. If you are achieving your objectives fine, but if not, make sure you are effectively using the social network, rather than wasting time.

Mistake 5 – Not analysing statistics.

Without statistics, it is hard to tell how effective a Twitter campaign is. This is a serious problem, especially if you have hired a team to run your social network presence! There are ways to gather statistics, and then upon analysis, a business can make a more informed decision and possibly adjust a social network strategy.


Twitter can be a great service for businesses to use, but without a roadmap and training, it can equally be a waste of effort, resources and cause headaches.

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