How SEO and PPC Go Hand in Hand

14 Apr 2016

Now I know the question that is sitting on the tip of your tongue, “If I do PPC, will Google boost my organic rankings as a direct result?” The short answer is no. SEO and PPC go hand in hand, but they don’t give you a ‘special boost’ because you also market via the PPC channel. Despite the rumours and speculation, Google have categorically confirmed that they do not favour websites that use PPC in their organic search results.

However, even though your organic and paid results are not directly related to each other, both are working towards the same goals; to boost your traffic, increase search visibility and ultimately increase your conversions! Here’s how:

Snippets and Google Ads are similar

The way your website’s snippets and Google Ads are presented in the SERPs are actually very similar. If you optimise the wording of your snippets and ads wisely, both allow you to offer the user the most tailored result to their query, maximising your rankings and increasing click-through rate.

Top tip: It’s always good to remember that the closer the wording of your ads to the user’s’ query, the more likely they are to click through to your website. Have a play around with your ads and see which ones work best!

Gain a bigger search presence

If your website ranks on page one for organic, paid and local search results for any given search term, it’s fair to say you’re pretty much dominating the search results! Naturally, the more times your website appears in the results, the greater the likelihood of your site being clicked on, which in turn can ultimately increase your conversion rate!

Increasing brand awareness

If your website appears two or three times on a search results page, your brand name becomes more ingrained on the user’s brain than any of the other ranked websites. The more you appear, the more memorable you are!

Quick ranking fix!

It can take months and even years of hard work to climb to the top of organic rankings, particularly for broader, more generic search terms as they tend be highly competitive. PPC can help relieve some of that pressure as Google Ads are a great way to gain instant visibility, especially during the early stages of optimisation. What’s more, you only pay when someone actually visits your website! If you’re doing everything right with your SEO too, your organic rankings should be hot on the heels of your paid results.

Keyword research

SEO and PPC analysts can combine keyword stats such as search volumes and competitive metrics to decide which are the most cost effective keywords to target. The more info we can gather the better the results!

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