Flat Logos Everywhere. Wassup With That?

24 Mar 2022

This simplistic two-dimensional design approach mixes minimalism, and a modern aesthetic to create an effortlessly memorable logo. But why are flat logos the thing that so many big companies are doing and should you be considering a flat logo design too?

What is a flat logo design?

A flat logo is a two-dimensional, utterly simplistic, silhouette-driven design. Flat logo design is also quite frankly devoid of any sort of highlights, shadows, or intricate details. While flat logos don’t sound like much to aspire to, a flat logo might be just what you need to build your brand even further!

Instagram. Burger King. Warner Bros. Volkswagen. Rolling Stone. Firefox. All are HUGE companies within their own sectors, but all have one thing in common. In recent years they have all adopted a flat logo style.

Logos - The flattening

Even your favourite brands may have adopted a flat logo style at some time in their recent history. But with flat logos offering certain benefits to brand awareness and recognisability it’s easy to see why.

Benefits of a flat logo redesign

Simple but recognisable

A logo is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to communicate with customers and to aid and promote public identification and recognition. So it makes sense that a logo needs to be simple and easy to identify. Solution – Flat Logos. By removing depth, highlights, shadows, textures, and any intricate details, you’re left with a simpler shape that’s easier to grasp in a split second and thus is more memorable.


Your logo isn’t meant to just be viewable on a storefront or on a website. When going through the logo design process it’s important to think of everywhere that your logo could be seen depending on where you see your brand potentially going in the future.

If you don’t, it may not stand the test of time. So to make sure that it does, it’s important to make sure that your logo is scalable. By this I mean it has to look good on everything from a business card to a storefront window to a mobile app icon. Thanks to their simplistic design, flat logos are easy to scale up and down between media of all sizes. 

Logo Scalability

It’s trending

Flat design is not only extremely practical in terms of readability, scalability, and flexibility, but it is also one of the most popular graphic design trends in recent years. Minimalism, another prevalent design trend of recent years, works hand in hand with these simplified, two-dimensional flat logo designs.

Flat design doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy and exciting. In fact, it can simply be utilised to communicate clear messages while exuding a sense of trustworthiness and reliability. If you are seeking a clear and concise logo for a professional business, get in touch with the HushBots.

From your logo, website design, social media management, and marketing materials to everything else in between. We can assist you with your branding needs, whether you’re starting a brand new business and need some creative inspiration or your current branding is looking a bit dated and in need of a refresh.

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