Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Google Ads in 2020

16 Mar 2020

In a word of social media, SEO, vlogs, landing pages and other various marketing tools available, it is sometimes hard to remember one of the first real, measurable digital marketing tools was good old PPC, or as it is known now – Google Ads.

The marketing mammoth has grown over the years into a multi-platform and device advertising giant. It is hard to believe that this year will mark the platforms 20th birthday. At Hush Digital, we still think that Google Ads is more important than ever and should be at the heart of your digital marketing strategy.

Why? Let’s have a look.


In a word where time means money and being top dog means the difference between success and failure getting results can sometimes be the only priority. While SEO in some cases can be a slow burn to success, Google Ads can help you direct the traffic and customers you want to your website quickly. Yes, you’ll be paying for the traffic, but using Google Ads with a modest budget can help you get the right eyes on your product or services. We find that many new business start-ups benefit from this method of working. While the team at Hush will be working to grow things organically, our Google Partners certified team can help customers gain all-important initial traffic and conversions.

Google Ads Conversions

Talking of conversions, you’ll know your business inside and out. You’ll know your profit margins and how much every single lead is worth to you. If you don’t, this is a great starting point as it can help you work out your budget. Once you have your budget in place, by utilising a mixture of Google Ads, Analytics and Tag Manager, you can track a raft of actions on your website and give them each a value. You can then work out where your leads or sale are coming from and their value. You can make real-world decisions based upon the data in front of you. If product X isn’t selling as well, you can decide to up your Google Ads budget, or you could choose to pull the product promotion altogether and put the money into things that are converting and making you money. Everything within Google Ad is traceable, from phone calls to enquiry forms; you can track everything that happens on your website.


Google Ads is predictable. In its rawest form, it is an advertising platform, that is powered by money and keywords. While SEO is open to traffic changes from fluctuations in keywords, Google Ads will perform to the same standard every day, depending on your budget and competition. Google Ads works on a system, where if you feed it enough budget and your campaigns are maintained, you can get precisely what you want from it.


We love writing content at Hush. Our digital marketing team will work on a wide range of topics for our clients every month to help them achieve their goals with regard to keyword ranking and organic traffic. But as stated before, building your organic presence, especially from the start takes time, and it also takes time to scale. Content needs to be cultivated, which again, takes time. Google Ads doesn’t require months and months to scale up to an acceptable size. If you want more clicks, more leads and more business, all you need to do is allocate more budget to your Google Ads campaigns and see them grow. In the meantime, while Google Ads is working on getting you the initial business you need, you can be working to develop your content strategy and grow your organic rankings and traffic. If after a few months of intense Google Ads activity, you feel like you are in a good position to scale back your spend, you can. Google Ads is pliable with regard to you and your needs.


Do you get the occasional enquiry that doesn’t fit you and your business? Somehow or someway, someone has found your website and sent you a contact us form, or, has picked up the phone only for the call to end with neither customer or company coming to a resolution, sale or start of a lasting relationship? It’s the same with all businesses; you want quality leads that have a good chance of converting. You need your business to be in front of the right eyes. Google Ads is the perfect way to get the right kind of exposure you need. Rewind 15 years, you were advertising to every man and his dog. Yes, your ads were running with targeted keywords, but what if your product falls into a few different types of industries? You could end up with dud leads. Fast forward to today, and you can get your adverts in front of the right people, defined by custom audiences and website visitors. Google Ads’ algorithm can bid for you depending on the visitor and the possibility they will convert. All in all, you save click budget by making the relevant people see your ads, and in turn, these people have a higher conversion rate. Winner winner!

There are plenty of viable “pay per click” solutions available and each come with their advantages, and each will fit your business differently. Whatever your business, Google Ads is a great way to engage with a target audience and deliver real results.

If you are looking for a friendly and reliable team to manage your campaigns or need to talk to someone to give them some TLC, contact the team at Hush Digital today.

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