Don’t Disregard Digital In These Trying Times

17 Mar 2020

If the past few weeks are anything to go by, we are in for some trying and testing times over the next month or so. Uncertainty can create confusion and businesses up and down the UK will have a slight shadow over them, especially with things changing almost daily concerning coronavirus.

We’ve not really seen an instance in recent times where every person and business has been affected, one way or another. With new updates hitting the news frequently, you will need to adjust your communication strategy accordingly. Not only will businesses need to communicate with their customers regularly with dedicated Coronavirus updates, keeping audiences up-to-date with their contingency plans but they will also need to keep working as best as possible as a viable business.

It doesn’t matter if you are B2B, B2C, e-commerce or not, you will still need to make every effort to keep your business running. Digital marketing is the perfect solution for keeping your communications running smoothly to maximise your activity and also communicate with your customers.

Why should you ramp up your digital efforts?

Keep Your Exposure

Doing digital right can be hard work, we know, we do it every single day. But, what we deliver at Hush is real results. We’ve been doing so for all of our clients for many years. What you don’t want is for all of a sudden, your rankings and traffic to fall off a cliff. These are already trying times, every single enquiry or sale means so much more at the moment. You don’t want to all of a sudden disappear from the market place. Your competition may not, and they may gladly take the business you have potentially missed out on. What we are trying to say is, yes, things are in a constant state of flux. But, if you want to give it the best shot at remaining as stable as you can in your market, you can’t forget your digital marketing efforts. When everything (hopefully) starts to get back to normal, where will your rankings, traffic and conversion data be if you don’t continue your marketing efforts? It’ll be like you are a brand new company starting all over again and it will take a protracted period to get you back to your already strong position. The impact of this is catastrophic enough, so let’s try to minimise the blocks we need to re-build as and when normality resumes.

Speed of Digital Communication

As news unfolds day by day, we are getting new advice concerning the Coronavirus. As things are changing rapidly, you will need a quick communication strategy between you and your customer base to keep everyone up to date and reassured. Social media, informative blogs and e-mail marketing can help you communicate not only with your customers and suppliers, but also the general public as a whole. Don’t forget, just because someone isn’t a customer now, doesn’t mean they won’t want to be updated by you. If you want to communicate quickly, on mass with your audiences, digital marketing, in one form or another, will help you get your message out quickly.

Multiple Digital Platforms

Between your website, social media and other platforms you utilise, you can make sure that your message reaches as many people as possible. You can literally cast a massive net over your audiences, making sure no one is missed. Things are changing daily, and digital marketing methods are perfect for getting quick, concise information out with a few clicks of a button. Also, if we are all in isolation/quarantine, we are going to be having an awful lot of screen time, so there will be a captive audience ready to view and engage with your content – keep in touch with them all!

Satellite Digital Working

At Hush, we have made preparations for our team to work from home. Our documents, files and designs are all stored in our secure cloud storage, and all of the team have suitable devices for working at home. We have minimised the number of face to face meetings with clients and have also implemented video conferencing for clients who like a virtual “face to face”. Our clients won’t see a change in service as our services can be deployed from anywhere in the world, and we have confidence in our ability to continue with our clients work for them. Support tickets can still be answered, designs and mocks can still be worked on, and content and social media can still go out on time.

What We Have Done At Hush

We have made every precaution possible with regard to the safety of our staff, clients, suppliers and the general public. We have made extra and more regular steps to make sure our office is clean and disinfected with regular cleaning periods. Staff have also been issued with appropriate cleaning supplies and as stated, all of our work and documents are securely stored on our cloud so continuity of business can be maintained. Come on guys, we can get through this!

If you have any questions about digital support through this tricky time, please contact the HushBots today or email [email protected]