Top Tips For Self Isolation & Working From Home

23 Mar 2020

Coronavirus is changing the way we work.

On Friday (20th March), the management at Hush Digital made the decision to implement a strategy of home working for the foreseeable future due to the increased risks associated with coronavirus. Due to the unique way that we work at Hush, our clients will see very little change in service provision. Designs will still be done, websites developed and digital deployed. 

What’s going on around the world is unprecedented. In such a short amount of time, we’ve had to change the way we work and engage with everyone. As, self-isolation and working from home will become part of the “norm” for the foreseeable future. We’ve jotted down a few ideas for those of you who are having to work from home. 

Stay Home

Pretty much the most important thing you can do right now is to stay at home unless you have a genuine emergency or need to do a big shop. If you can get someone to deliver food to your home or can get one of the supermarkets to deliver, then perfect. But, you should only venture outside in a real emergency situation, or, if you have elderly or vulnerable relatives or friends who require assistance. To stem the spread of coronavirus and help the demand on the NHS, it is crucial that you self-isolate as much as possible. 

Keep a routine 

It might be hard to do, but you need to treat Monday morning exactly the same as any other. Get showered, get dressed, stick to your usual routine. Make sure you remove any distractions from your workspace if it means you have to set yourself up away from the TV then so be it. Make sure that your home workspace is safe and as much as possible, similar to your office space, i.e. sit in a suitable chair etc. It is the little things that will help you push through these testing times. 

Take breaks

We’re supposed to take little “screen breaks” every now and then, but how many of us actually do? Probably not many of us will stand up and walk around for the best part of the morning, well not until lunchtime anyhow. Now more than ever, it is essential that you stand up and walk around the house every hour or so. We’re not saying for long, but go make a brew, check-in with the team, walk around the back garden from 5 mins for some fresh air. You need to stay focussed but in the interests in your mental health, take a break.

Communicate with the team

Whatsapp, Google Hangouts even a phone call can help you keep in touch with your team. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably gone from talking to everyone in the office at least once a day to no one at all in one fell swoop. We are in a world where technology has caught up with the demand. We have all the tools needed to converse with anyone around the world and collaborate with them if needed. 

Stay hydrated and fed 

Something you might forget about when working from home, but you must keep yourself hydrated and nourished. At work, how many cups of coffee will you have had by lunchtime? Make sure you look after yourself and those around you, you are no use to anyone if you are run down and tired.

Keep regular hours 

The best way to stay focused is to keep a regular timetable. If you work 9-5 usually, work 9-5 at home. Most of the people you work with will be trying to do the same, so it is a great way to attempt to carry on as usual. If you take your lunch at 1pm, take it at home also. Try to keep your home working hours as close to the hours you would usually work in the office. 

Time for self-improvement 

Depending on your employer, working from home can be the perfect time for you to look at some online courses or CPD. Previously you could have been distracted in the office. Now is the ideal time to sit down and complete the necessary exams and upskill you and your team. 

Don’t forget about your customers and clients 

Not all of your customers will see your social updates or will see your email updates. The personal touch can go a long way. Spend a few minutes dropping your customers an email or if possible, a quick call and update them on the situation. 

Stay positive

This could be one of the hardest things that we ask you to do. Staying positive through these tough times will be the key to success. Don’t forget your team. They might be struggling with these changes. Drop them a little message every now and again to help keep them motivated.  

Stay informed 

On a very serious note, you must keep up-to-date with everything that is going on in the world around you. Pop the news on, check the BBC News website or just check out the recent updates on Twitter. But it is your responsibility to keep yourself and others around you safe, and the only way you will do this is with the most up-to-date information and advice. 

The next few weeks and months are going to be testing, to say the least. But, we want our clients to know that the team at Hush Digital are here to support you through this tough time. If you need any additional website or digital marketing support, please don’t hesitate to contact us today via [email protected]

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