Spring Clean Your Website and Digital Marketing Campaigns

26 Mar 2020

Spring is here; lighter nights, warmer temperatures and hopefully, the occasional Hush BBQ will be happening (once we are allowed)!

But what about your website and digital marketing efforts? Well, maybe it is time for a digital refresh and spring clean ready for the summer.

Whether you need to give things a lick of paint or a pair of fresh eyes to give your marketing efforts a little boost. Let’s have a look at what the team at Hush Digital can help you achieve this spring.

Design Update

If you are an existing Hush customer, your website will be built in a certain way by our developers. What this means is that your website will be pretty much future-proofed for design updates. You won’t need to invest a large chunk of your marketing budget on a brand new website from scratch. You’ll be happy to know that for a fraction of the cost we can give your site a new design with minimal impact on your CMS and content. Depending on your business, you might work in a seasonal cycle and thus might require a new lool and feel to your website.

Fresh Ideas

Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes and a new spark of creativity to rejuvenate your marketing output. One phrase we hate at Hush is “we’ve always done it like that”. We feel that there shouldn’t be any complacency when it comes to your digital presence. With a new team of digital marketing gurus looking after your campaigns, you could find an increase in engagement, reach and business.

Recently, we’ve seen great success working with the team at Frank’s The Flooring Store, bringing new ideas and a fresh approach to their marketing efforts.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It… If It Is, Then Fix It

If your current website works fine and is getting you the results you want – then brilliant, your website is doing what it’s supposed to do.

However, we find many of our clients come to us wanting to get more from their digital output. Whether their website isn’t converting or their digital marketing efforts just aren’t working, sometimes things just need fixing.

At Hush, we take a no-nonsense approach to web and digital. We don’t hide behind fancy terminology, we give it to you in black and white, so you know where you stand and more importantly, our promise to you.

Some agencies like to talk the talk but can’t actually put things in place to improve things. Not at Hush. We have the right mix of creative and technical minds that can provide bespoke, tailored solutions to meet any need.

Next time you’re told your website “can’t” do something, just think about picking up the phone or dropping us an email, as we can probably help turn a can’t, into a can!

New Goals

Your business could very well be at a tipping point. You could be about to take the next step in your growth. With this will come new challenges and new goals. With new targets to achieve, now could be the perfect time to take stock of your current output and measure it against your conversions. If you think your digital markeing needs ramping up to meet your new goals, now is the perfect time to discuss this with the digital marketing team at Hush.

Update Your Tech

You love it when you get a new phone, don’t you? Shiny and new, with loads of new features and tricks. Well, you should get the same feeling from your website. Some websites get old, that’s just the truth of things. When they get old, and if they are built on templates (yuk!), sometimes, more often than not, the plugins and technology used to create these sites fall out of date or are no longer supported. Your website might seem like it is running fine, but in reality, it is open to security vulnerabilities. That is something that you do not want. Your website, data and business are left wide open to hacks. Give your website a well-deserved Spring clean this year and make sure it is as safe as possible for you and your customers.

We understand that in the current climate is tough, and business owners are having to make hard decisions around their business. Once this crisis is over, you’ll need to be in the most influential position you can be to maximise your input. If your competition is working harder to get more customers, shouldn’t you be doing the same?

Don’t worry about remote working, thinking we cannot fulfil your digital needs. The team at Hush are equipped to work remotely on any project. So why not drop us an email to get your web design or digital marketing project off the ground?

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