Instagram To Retire Its Swipe-Up Feature?

24 Aug 2021

A game-changer for driving sales and traffic to external websites and blogs, Instagram’s ‘Swipe-Up’ feature has been an excellent tool over the years. It has allowed influencers and businesses to share products and information with their followers through a swipe-up method to link the user to a third-party source.

However, the Facebook-owned platform Instagram had an unwritten rule that users could only access the feature if they had over 10,000 followers or their account was verified.

Instagram will now apparently be retiring its popular ‘Swipe-Up’ feature but not actually eliminating the opportunity for users to link off to external sources. Instead, Insta is supposedly replacing the component with link stickers.

Currently, stickers are often used on Instagram Stories but aren’t clickable or link off externally. Therefore, Instagram is now said to be adding the ability for stickers to be tappable, much like the original ‘Swipe-Up’ feature allowed.

The platform has communicated this change by sending in-app notifications to its users to inform them that the change will take place on August 30th 2021. The link stickers have apparently been under testing since June. Stickers are said to be far more suited to the way users actually utilise the Instagram platform for their own purposes.

It is not yet confirmed, but the new feature may even allow ANY user to link off externally, instead of just business or influencer accounts who had the previous privileges with the ‘Swipe-Up’ feature. However, it is believed that Instagram is still evaluating the decision to limit its use or not.

This rumoured new feature will have many advantages for business accounts, influencers, and beyond. Here’s how our team at Hush will be using the new link stickers to enhance our digital presence, as well as our clients’ –

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