Internet Explorer 11 Retires in 2022

17 Aug 2021

The end of an era… Microsoft announced that the legacy browser, Internet Explorer, will retire its eleventh and final version of the application on June 15 2022, after existing for 25 years. 

Now if you are of a certain age, you’ll inherently remember thinking that IE was the “internet button”. But, times change and fast-forward 25 years later, we have a raft of other browsers to choose from. With this in mind, Microsoft has had to move with the competition to offer a more robust browsing experience with the introduction of Microsoft Edge over 6 years ago. 

Flash-forward to 2021, Microsoft is now calling it quits on good old Internet Explorer. Despite being largely unused by consumers for several years, it won’t be removed entirely. Still, there will be no updates or security patches happening. As a result of this, it could make the browser insecure to use. Microsoft has suggested that we can expect to see issues occurring from August 17 2021, when support comes to a grinding halt.

Having tried to get people to stop using Internet Explorer for over five years, Microsoft says that Microsoft Edge will be the new alternative with its built-in Internet Explorer mode. Since Edge launched, Microsoft has been referring to it as a “compatibility solution” instead of a browser and has urged businesses to stop using Internet Explorer now that Edge has its useful IE mode.

IE mode will likely be supported until the end of 2029 to give avid users the time to transition away from using the application. For Windows 10 users, Internet Explorer will eventually redirect to Microsoft Edge rather than disappearing from the desktop completely. 

Microsoft Edge’s IE mode emulates behaviours seen with Internet Explorer. It can also support ActiveX controls, web applications and legacy websites for many businesses that still depend on older technologies. 

However, there are some new advantages to using Microsoft Edge’s IE mode. Users can enjoy much more modern productivity features, including Edge Collections, which allow for browser tab management. Then there’s also Microsoft Edge’s agility in responding to security issues. For example, security updates that used to take months could now only take days or even hours.

To say farewell to IE we asked some of the HushBot’s if they had any Internet Explorer memories: 

Are you still using Internet Explorer for your website or business? Now is the time to make the change. Don’t get left behind… Microsoft is moving on, so it’s time you do too! 

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