Meet The New HushBot – Jen!

19 Jul 2021

A former email marketer working in the travel industry, our new HushBot Jen, joined our team last week as our new Digital Marketing Intern. 

She already has great experience in content writing and email marketing, but was looking to expand her knowledge of digital marketing in an all-rounder position. So, when the opportunity to join the team at Hush Digital came up she was keen to join the ‘Bots,  putting her existing skills into practice, and learn some new stuff too!

After a week in the role, we thought it would be a good time for you to get to know Jen a little better!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Before I started at Hush Digital, I worked in the travel industry for almost three years. I was an Email Marketing Executive at Hays Travel but was looking for a new and exciting challenge to get involved with all aspects of digital marketing on a client basis. Hush is going to allow me to do just that! 

You’ve been part of the team for a week now, how’s it been?

I’ve really enjoyed it. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful and I feel like I’ve become part of a lovely team of people, which is a good feeling. I can’t wait to get really stuck in now and learn more and more each day about the clients and the nature of work. 

What sort of work/projects have you worked on during your first week?

Monday was a run-through of all the client’s Hush work with, so I took it upon myself to do plenty of research around them to prepare. I also wrote a blog for Bumble Wrap for National Picnic Month! 

On Tuesday I wrote a second blog for Bumble Wrap on Plastic Free July, pulled together five blog ideas for Frank’s The Flooring Store and wrote a blog for them on a new monthly feature we’ll be introducing called “Get the look for less”, and I also generated some new blog ideas for Advanced Handling. 

I wrote another blog for Frank’s on Wednesday about how to “Create a family living room for life”, and I then did some research around one of our clients, Hexopay, before preparing to write some content for their new website.

Thursday I continued and finished writing content for Hexopay, afterwards, I moved over to do some social media bits for Frank’s to engage with customers, and then I spent some time planning some upcoming blogs for Bumble Wrap. 

Finally, on Friday I spent the morning planning an entire week’s worth of social media content for Bumble Wrap. My focus was to think about new and exciting ways to get people to engage with the product. 

What made you decide on joining the HushBots?

I loved the feel of the place instantly and the team’s ‘family’ feeling is something I really wanted to become part of. I also loved the range of clients Hush work with, it means I can work on something new and different almost every day.

What are you looking forward to working on in the future?

I’d say content creation mainly because that’s what I’ve had the most experience in so far during my career and what I’m most passionate about. However, I’m also looking forward to expanding my knowledge of social media and tracking progress and changes for clients.

Highlights of your career so far?

My previous role at Hays Travel allowed me to experience a night onboard a luxurious MSC cruise ship, which I then blogged about for the website. That was a lot of fun. 

What’re your early impressions of Hush?

A fun group of people who have a friendly and relaxed approach but get work done professionally. The perfect combination.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

I love blogging. I have my own lifestyle blog where I write about style, interior design, beauty, and travel. 

Fun Facts

Do you have any pets?

I have a cocker spaniel called Milo. 

Do you support any sports teams?

I’m not really a sports fan at all. Sorry for the boring answer!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Food. I’m a real foodie and love trying new things and eating out at different places. It’s my absolute dream in life to be a travelling food blogger.

Favourite place in the world?

Santorini. I’m hoping to have my wedding there in 2023 – it’s such a beautiful place!

Do you have anything on your bucket list?

Before the pandemic, I was booked to go to America for two weeks to explore New York and Baltimore. I’d written a full itinerary of places to see, eat at, and drink so I’ve filed it away and I intend to go when it’s safe. That’s still definitely at the top of my bucket list!

Favourite app?


Apple or Android?


Favourite thing on the internet?

The ability to have clothes delivered to my door the very next day. As a woman, who of course needs a new outfit for every occasion, it couldn’t be more convenient!

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